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Alan Wake 2 is "supposed to come out in October" apparently

According to Alan's voice actor

Alan Wake in the Alan Wake 2 announcement trailer.
Image credit: Remedy Entertainment

Alan Wake 2 has yet to receive an official release date from developers Remedy Entertainment, but according to the voice actor playing its titular, torch-bearing thriller writer, we can apparently expect it to arrive sometime this October. So far, Remedy have only committed to a general 2023 release for Alan Wake 2, but voice actor Matthew Porretta told the Monsters, Madness And Magic podcast that it's "supposed to come out in October". That means it should be well clear of ye olde Starfield, but that "supposed to" also suggests the date isn't set in stone yet. Here's hoping we get a more formal date at this year's Summer Games Fest, perhaps.

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Alan Wake 2 was first announced at 2021's Game Awards, so another partnership with yer man at this year's Summer Geoff Fest would seem to paint a hopeful picture for ardent Wake likers - especially after Remedy ditched their promised summer 2022 reveal last year. Remedy themselves haven't confirmed or denied Porretta's comments at time of writing, but with Summer Geoff Fest due to take place in a couple of weeks on June 8th this year, it probably won't be long until we hear more.

That said, Porretta also told the podcast that they're still "in the middle of working on it right now", so I wouldn't be surprised either if we didn't get a date at all until much nearer the time. Have a watch of the video below (conveniently time-stamped at Porretta's answer) to hear his full quote.

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Whenever it arrives, I'm very much looking forward to Remedy's "first ever survival horror game" after revisiting their recent remaster of Alan Wake The 1st a couple of years ago - although to say that first game didn't also dip its writerly toes into the survival horror genre is mildly absurd, what with its prevailing spooky dark forests, horrible crows and actually haunted farmyard machinery. You can't tell me that possessed tractor wouldn't look out of place in a Resident Evil game, I simply won't have it.

Currently, Alan Wake 2 is set to be an Epic Game Store exclusive when it launches on PC, which isn't all that surprising given that it's being published by Epic Games. Whether it will ever see an eventual Steam release remains to be seen. Alan Wake Remastered was also published by Epic Games and remains exclusive to the EGS to this day - although given its relatively minor graphical touch-ups, you should probably just buy the original on Steam if you have a real hankering to revisit Bright Falls at the moment - especially when it's 70% off for a mere £3.41 right now.

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