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Alan Wake 2 is getting a three episode Night Springs expansion tomorrow

Based on the in-game TV show

A live action still of Alan Wake from Alan Wake 2
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Epic Games Publishing

Night Springs is a fictional TV show within the world of Alan Wake 2, so of course that's also the focus of the meta-horror action game's expansion. It's three episodes, and it's out in under 24 hours.

The Alan Wake 2: Night Springs expansion trailer.Watch on YouTube

Much like the base game, the three episodes seem set to blur the lines between fiction and reality. Shawn Ashmore and Sam Lake both feature in the trailer above, but apparently any characters returning from Alan Wake 2 will be playing different, Night Springs-versions of themselves, and each episode focuses on a different character. One will be The Actor, based on Tim Breaker; The Waitress, described as a 'number one fan', and based on Rose Marigold; and The Sibling, based on Control's Jesse Faden.

Alan Wake 2 is still only available via the Epic store on PC. If you bought the Deluxe Edition at launch, that included an expansion pass and will include Night Springs, as well as an additional The Lake House DLC planned for October.

Remedy have been teasing this expansion for the past couple of days, renaming their social media and YouTube accounts to Poison Pill Entertainment. Poison Pill are the in-fiction producers of Night Springs. It's a surprise there's only a day to wait before the DLC is available, mind. Here's hoping it's the stylistic tour de force Katharine described in her Alan Wake 2 review.

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