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Skywind releases long new trailer for Morrowind's 21st anniversary

Nearly a decade in the making

We've been writing about Skywind for nine years. The ambitious modding project aims to import the entirety of Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind into The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim engine. To celebrate the 21st anniversary of Morrowind, the Skywind team have released a 21 minute video of a single quest in Skywind.

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"'Necromancer in Mawia' follows the player as they act as an agent of the Tribunal Temple in the ash-choked region of Molag Amur," says the video description. "The mission is straight out of Morrowind, and should feel familiar to players of the original game, while also showcasing re-imagined assets, creative level design ideas, and more immersive dialogue and scripted sequences."

I have a theory that people only ever truly love the first Elder Scrolls game they play, but there's no denying that Morrowind is the most passionately advocated for by its fans. For good reasons, too: where Oblivion and Skyrim hew closer to traditional fantasy tropes, Morrowind has its own strange flavour, one from drawn from giant mushrooms, silt striders, and much more.

Skywind is aiming to recreate that flavour not only with modern (circa 2013, anyway) art assets, but with light touch revisions to its quest design and dialogue. It's made entirely by a team of volunteers and honestly, even if it's never finished, the endeavour is admirable. You'll find more information about the mod at its official site, along with info for people who want to volunteer to help out.

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