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Veteran Morrowind quest designer returns to the setting they helped build with a huge mod project

Vvardenfell back in time

Yagrum Bagarn, the last dwarf, sits corpulent upon mechanical spider legs in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Bethesda Softworks

20 years after leaving Elder Scrolls, Starfield, and Fallout 76 makers Bethesda Game Studios, veteran writer and quest designer Douglas Goodall has returned to classic RPG Morrowind with an expansive new quest mod.

Red Wisdom: An Ashlander Prophecy - which features writing from Goodall under secret cyberpunk alias AFFA - offers players the chance to "Join forces with wide-eyed Nirani to unlock the hidden truths that lie within the sacred burial sites of the tribes." The project - which you can find over at NexusMods - is a collaboration with fellow modders Greatness7 and Melchior Dahrk. Melchior Dahrk especially looks to be an extremely prolific modder, with 99 projects under their belt, most of them for Morrowind. "Explore a new angle to Ashlander lore, confront wild beasts and Daedric interlopers, and piece together the puzzle which may shape the fate of Morrowind," the page continues. Here are some more details, straight from the Silt Strider’s proboscis:


  • Writing by AFFA aka Douglas Goodall
  • Explore a brand new grotto used by the Ahemmusa tribe to "bury" their dead
  • Visit the exterior burial sites of the Erabenimsun and Zainab tribes
  • Collect four elemental-themed Ashlander trinkets - all with custom art
  • Experience new Ashlander lore through the trials of a young Wise Woman apprentice
  • Interoperability features like tooltips, achievements, graphic herbalism, and quest notification icons

Goodall has previously released a trio of smaller mods for Morrowind, one of which added "about 30" low level quests. Cheers for the spot, Games Radar. Between the mod, the Ardenfall demo, and the recently-released Dread Delusion, you can now spend the weekend pretending its 2002 again - one that contains the "Morrowind of another timeline," reckons Brendy. Two Morrowinds in the same timeline sounds like a paradox waiting to happen, but at least you’ll have options while history strains to reconfigure itself around you.

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