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Gris devs reveal beautiful puzzle-platformer Neva, out 2024

This game is going to make me cry, isn't it?

Image credit: Devolver Digital

I'm a sucker for any game with a gorgeous art style, so guess which announcement caught my eye at last night's PlayStation Showcase. Neva is a new puzzle platformer from the creators of Gris that tells the story of a red-capped swordswoman named Alba and her faithful wolf pup as they "embark on a perilous journey through a once beautiful world as it slowly decays around them." That's not much to go on, but feast your eyes on the stunning animated trailer below. It's a looker.

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Looks awfully dramatic, doesn't it? A scroll down the game's Steam page reveals a little more. Over the course of the game, Alba's wolf cub will grow from a little pup into a fully-fledged beast, and as the two face challenges together their dynamic will shift - though it's not yet clear if it's for better or worse. Hmmm, curious.

Alba and her furry companion will be travelling through a cursed world, most likely filled with those gooey ewwy black creatures with the grabby hands in the trailer. For a world that's supposed to be blighted by these things, Neva sure is pretty, though. Its soft, watercolour style and colourful palette are easy on the eyes, so I'll chuck some more screenshots below for your viewing pleasure.

Gris was very much a personal adventure about a young woman reflecting on her emotions and internal conflicts. Neva looks to be more dynamic, taking on a more fantastical setting. I like the change in direction but am also happy developers Nomada Studio stuck with their staple watercolour visuals.

No release date yet for Neva, but we know that it'll be hitting PC, Xbox, Switch and PlayStation sometime in 2024.

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