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The Elephant Collection remasters 10 classic Flash games

From Achievement Unlocked to This Is The Only Level

Armor Games are a conventional PC publisher nowadays with games such as Bear And Breakfast and the upcoming Tartarus Key under their belt. But they’re perhaps best known for their history as a browser games heavyweight, having hosted hundreds of free Flash games back in the day. Armor Games are now going back to their Flash game roots to publish The Elephant Collection, a remastered decalogy featuring some of the most famous, relephant elephant games from creator and CEO John “jmtb02” Cooney.

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The anthology compiles all ten beloved meta-humour games that centre on the titular blue elephant. There's This Is The Only Level 1, 2, and 3 - platform puzzlers that have only one level each. The Achievement Unlocked trilogy’s blast of self-reflexive jokes are included too, as you jump around chasing cheevos that make fun of you. Elephant Quest takes our tusked hero into the run-and-gunning RPG territory, as they fight to retrieve what was once stolen from them: a bowler hat, of course.

Obey! The Game is a microgame collection that throws quick tasks your way, like collecting balloons or simply walking. The twist? Sometimes the game will paradoxically tell you to disobey, and your reflexes need to work fast enough to not play the game. It’s essentially the Simon Says of microgame collections. Next up is Run, Elephant, Run which is a short auto-running love story. And the last game in the collection is the musical, laser-dodging Elephant Rave.

The package “serves both as timeless classics and notable pieces of indie game history,” but the Flash games are still getting an update here. Most notably, the entire thing is strung together with a Hangover-style story that sees Blue Elephant’s partner go missing after a rave. The elephant rave. From there, unlocking achievements will help our hero recover some boozy memories and hopefully lead them to a romantic reunion. Also, the collection features remastered art, sound, music, and has no ads!

Armor Games have yet to put a date or price on The Elephant Collection, but you can wishlist it on Steam now ahead of its launch later this year. Special shoutout to the announcement trailer (above) for being just as seriously unserious as the games themselves.

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