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Giant God game Reus is getting a sequel with more world-shaping titans

Ten years after the first

A giant frog god crouches next to a small village in Reus 2
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun / Firesquid Games

Humans are pesky creatures. Without the influence of giant crabs and smiling monkeytree giants, who knows what terrors we could unleash? We thankfully won’t need to find out since deity sim Reus is coming back with a sequel: Reus 2. It’s another God game with a side-on view, putting you in control of elemental titans that can terraform planets to either benefit or bully the humans that live there. Gawk at its colourful reveal trailer below:

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“The original Reus is a decade old, and much has changed in the gaming world,” say developers Abbey Games. “We’re excited to bring Reus 2 to this new era, and show what it can bring to all those who want to create their own perfect world!”

That perfect world now features a number of new giants to play with. Early screenshots reveal a long-legged ice giant strutting around in the ocean, a deity whose crouch creates a mountain of sorts, and another rock-based guy who looks much chunkier this time around. You can still use the giant’s abilities to terraform the land, as well as manipulate fauna and flora, all of which will guide the planet’s society down different paths.

Developing God complexes is a human specialty, though, meaning your planet’s people can turn on the giants if they’re either unhappy or simply spoiled. You can just bin that planet and start anew, though. (I’m sort of wondering when that’ll happen to us.)

Alec Meer enjoyed his time with the original Reus a decade ago. “I'm oddly happy to just sit there in freeplay mode, spinning the vast globe around as my giants grumpily haul their impossible bulk around the perfectly circular planetary crust,” Alec wrote in his Reus impressions. “It'd be my ideal screensaver, I think.”

There’s no release date on Reus 2 just yet, but you can wishlist it now on Steam.

After releasing Reus the team at Abbey Games went on to launch the turn-based strategy Renowned Explorers and a slightly different God game with Godhood, replacing the friendly giants with a familiar faceless creator.

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