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Grab Samsung's 2TB T7 portable SSD for £104.96 at Amazon

A great value for a 1050MB/s external SSD.

Samsung's T7 Portable SSD is one of the best performing options on the market, offering 1050MB/s reads and 1000MB/s writes in a portable USB-attached form factor. It normally costs around £130 for a 2TB size, but today you can pick up this model for £104.96 - a great deal for an external SSD of this calibre!

We haven't reviewed the standard T7, but we did review its fingerprint-reader equipped T7 Touch counterpart. Katherine was responsible for that review, back in 2020, where she dinged the drive for its... dodgy fingerprint reader and high cost (£366 for the 2TB size). Thankfully, this simpler and cheaper model addresses both concerns, making it a very nice pickup - especially as it's cheaper or around the same price compared to its closest competitors.

The Crucial X8 is the best alternative right now, offering similar speeds at £102 for a 2TB model - albeit in a slightly bigger and less swanky enclosure. To get something noticeably faster, you're looking at something like WD's P40 game drive, which is capable of 2000MB/s reads but is currently retailing for £211 at Amazon - double the price for double the speed.

For my money, the X8 or T7 are the better picks, with the X8 being slightly faster and the T7 having the superior design. Both are great drives for the money!

For more SSD chat, check out our roundup of the best gaming SSDs - and stay tuned for more deals as we discover them!

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