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Alone In The Dark comes out this October, stars Jodie Comer and David Harbour

There's also a free prologue available now

Jodie Comer and David Harbour strike a post in artwork for Alone In The Dark
Image credit: THQ Nordic

Survival horror reboot Alone In The Dark is coming out on October 25th, publisher THQ announced last night. This new game reimagines the haunted Derceto Manor from the 1992 original, this time with a fancier coat of paint, a third-person camera view, and some famous faces. And if you’d like an early teaser of what’s in store, there’s a free prologue chapter available now, letting you explore a slice of the Southern Gothic mansion.

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This reboot of Alone In The Dark is actually two different takes on the same story, as there’s a pair of protagonists you can choose between, played by some people you'll probably recognise from the telly box. Detective Edward Carnby is played by David Harbour, who already has tons of experience with stoney and humorous detectives in Stranger Things. Then there’s Emily Hartwood, played by accent-magician Jodie Comer, who you might have seen in Killing Eve, or the mildly okay video game film Free Guy among other things.

Hartwood suffers from the same hereditary curse that currently haunts her uncle, so her side of the story seems to be more personal, and might just be the one I go for first. Although, two playthroughs might be worthwhile since events are remixed depending on who you choose. Both are great actors, for sure, but I do get flashbacks to older film tie-ins when I see their almost perfectly-recreated faces.

The rest of the footage showed off plenty of little puzzles, apprehensive walkabouts, and some fights with shadowy enemies that didn't look too dissimilar to your modern Resident Evils and Evil Withins.

Alone In The Dark’s reimagined story comes from writer and director Mikael Hedberg, who previously penned the psychological spooks for Soma and Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It’ll be an original story that incorporates some characters, locations, themes, and other pieces from the very first game, all while taking us to new locations outside of the mansion, letting us explore bits of the American South as well as a creepy alternate dimension that houses the big bad: the Dark Man.

New Alone In The Dark will cost £50/€60/$60 when it releases on October 25th for PC via Steam and consoles. Between this spookfest and Alan Wake 2’s October launch a couple of weeks prior, this year’s Halloween looks to be a delicious one.

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