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Electronic Wireless Show podcast episode 171: the best inventories in games special

Fill your boots

This week the Electronic Wireless Show podcast discusses some of our favourite (and least favourite) inventory configurations. A humble beast, the inventory, yet a feature of many games - sometimes even a necessity. Often we only notice one if it's terrible. But boy, a good inventory is worth a dozen mules. So lets talk about them today!

In other news this week, Nate thinks he has come up with an original premise for a Pixar film, only to discover he has invented Seth Rogan's nightmare film Sausage Party, and we are officially starting our campaign to get Henry 'Vitamin H' Cavill on the show. We will be mentioning him every week from now on. Plus: what we like doing on our birthdays, school plays, and pro-wrestling adaptations of Dickens.

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Music is by Jack de Quidt.

Music is by Jack de Quidt, who has very well-organised cupboards.

Nate really likes the carrier bags in NEO Scavenger, which are bags that you can uncrumple to hold yet more bags!

Matthew likes the sentient luggage in the Discworld point 'n' click adventure game, as well as the flasher coat in Alone In The Dark.

We do not like the text list in Skyrim, or the weird vault that you teleport to in Fable 3, that being haunted by a butler with the voice of John Cleese.

I cheat by mentioning Wilmot's Warehouse and Moonlighter, both of which are games about organising inventories.

Shout out to The Lego Ankh-Morpork project.

Recommendations this week are the dramatisation of the opiod epidemic's origins in Dopesick, Ken Branagh's semi-autobiographical movie Belfast, and considering finding a tutor on</p>

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