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RPS@PAX 2023: Cult classic horror Alone In The Dark returns with promises of Resident Evil-style intrigue

Liam played the prequel story demo of Pieces Interactive's psychological horror

Join us for another PAX East game highlight straight from the show floor, and this time we decided to revisit a cult horror classic: Alone In The Dark. This psychological horror is being developed by Pieces Interactive with publishing backing from THQ Nordic and is a love letter to the original game released back in the 90s.

As someone who had played the original, and RPS' Resident Evil uber fan, Liam decided to check out the demo and you can hear his impressions in the video below:

Apologies in advance for the lack of lighting in the video! 🙏 Just pretend you can see my super cool Whitethorn Games beanie and Liam's Cult Of The Lamb crown

According to the devs at the THQ booth, this demo is a stand-alone prequel story that will not be in the final game, but shares the same eerie atmosphere and action that'll be in the main game. This reimagining is set in the Gothic American south and in the main game you'll be playing as Edward Carnby or Emily Hartwood as they navigate the monster infested Derceto Manor, the same mansion featured in the demo.

If you'd like more game highlights from the show floor, we've got plenty more to come. Make sure to keep checking in with the RPS@PAX tag for new videos everyday. Hope you've enjoyed what we've released so far!

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