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Apex Legends' latest character Ballistic is an old dog showing off some new tricks in his trailer

Plus a new Weapon Mastery system, and an Apelegs museum...?

The new Apex Legends season, Arsenal, looks exciting from watching the new trailer. The 17th season is set to launch on May 9th, and features new character Ballistic, a competitor in the Apex Games' predecessor the Thunderdome Games, now making a comeback as the new legend. The popular World's Edge map is also getting some healing, and there's an Apex Museum within the map that celebrates Apex's past, present, and future. Although the theme for this season seems to be nostalgia, there are still some new features to look forward to, particularly the updates to the weapon system and upgraded Firing Range.

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After retiring from a long career of fighting, the new legend, Ballistic - who was announced at the end of April - has decided to jump back in. With decades of battle experience under their belt, he's a formidable force known for his aggressive assault, and comes with the ability to access hidden loot in red Weapon Supply Bins, holding an extra stack of ammo in each inventory slot, and even carrying a third weapon. His ultimate ability provides teammates with faster reloads, faster unarmed move speed, and even infinite ammo. He sounds like he'll provide a combat-ready boost to any team he's on, and he could shake things up a lot.

The new season brings exciting news to the World's Edge map. Lava levels have risen and cooled, with less volcanic smoke and better visibility. The new POI monument, supposedly a quick access sniper nest for positional control and scouting, also contains an Apex Games Museum. It's complete with a gift shop stocked with souvenirs like cute plush toys, trendy mugs, and even commemorative t-shirts. It’s always a good idea to experience some retail therapy in between intense gunfights, isn’t it?

This new season of Apex is putting in some serious effort to make the game more approachable for new players. One of the biggest changes is the introduction of Weapon Mastery, which is the first long-term progression system in the game. Think of it like a learning diary - it incentives players get to know the character of each weapon and eventually become a master at wielding them. As you reach certain levels with a particular weapon, you'll unlock weapon-specific trials to test your skills and earn rewards upon completion. Plus, the all-new Firing Range is the perfect place to experiment with different weapons, attachments, and gear to help you sharpen your shooting and movement skills.

Besides those key updates, there are also new weapon skins, character skins, and other details that have yet to be announced. If you've already downloaded Apex Legends for free on Steam or Origin before the Arsenal's launch on May 9th, then it's definitely time to check out our Apex Legends tips and tricks guide! It's packed full of useful information to help you dominate the competition.

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