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What are we all playing this long weekend?


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Here in the UK, we're having another long weekend for no particular reason. Government thought we might enjoy a day in the sun, you know? An opportunity to go marvel at some lambs, catch up on the housework, read a book, lounge on a beach, have some pals over for a barbecue, just a free day to do nothing in particular for no reason. We'll return in full force on Tuesday. Until then, what are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee
I couldn't resist playing Redfall, so logged on with a pal the other night and even after everything everyone else had told me, it was honestly still surprisingly. I'm still Arkane-pilled, but my goodness. One of my other pals is still playing it and I might go in with them again. It's bizarrely not not fun. I don't know what it is.

Ed and Liam chat about their ehhh responses to RedfallWatch on YouTube

I'm playing Quantum Break now it's on PC Game Pass and so far, so 7/10. At the time, the slo-mo powers and such felt like Remedy trying to brings bits of Max Payne into cover shooters. Playing now, it feels much more like a first crack at the foundations of Control. Context, eh.

I need a break from Redfall. Solace lies in Vampire Survivors sessions on the couch, maybe some Lost Judgment as it's been way too long since I spent some time with the dance club.

I'm going to spend the long weekend blasting through Citizen Sleeper again for the RPS Games Club. I haven't played since my original run back in November, and that feels like enough time to hop into a new save and follow the branches that I skipped before. Replaying is also a great excuse for me to check out the final story update, Purge, that came out back in March!

Good question. I was thinking Redfall but have grown wearier of its wonkiness with every passing hour. Still, maybe I'll give it one last chance before I slap it with my "Would rather play Deep Rock Galactic" stamp.

I'm still Live A Live-ing this weekend, but with Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom coming out next week, there are also a couple of things I'd like to clear the decks on before Link and co take over my life. I've still got a bit to go with God Of War (2018), for instance, and while I don't think I'll be anywhere near finishing it by the time next Friday rolls around, I can sure as hell try. I also want to try and get through at least one of the Citizen Sleeper DLC updates for the RPS Game Club as well. Will it all happen in the space of three days? Who can say. But that's the plan.

Cass and Kayleigh battle a Dandylion and Masquerattle in Cassette Beasts.

Cheers for the long weekend Charlie. I couldn't give two shits about your big hat party but I'll reluctantly take the extra day off, I suppose. I'd rather the archaic institution that has deemed you better than the rest of us was abolished, forcing you to return all of the things that have been stolen back to those it belongs to but, ah! Well! Nevertheless. Oh right, video games. Cassette Beasts. I'll be playing Cassette Beasts.

You guys... Honkai Star Rail is really good. Really good. If gacha games and annoyingly high-pitched voices are a dealbreaker for you, I understand. But there really is a lot to love here - not least of which is how ludicrously flashy all of the characters' Ultimate moves are. Himeko is my favourite, just casually sipping her cup of coffee while ordering her ship to nuke the enemy from orbit. Never fails to make me gleeful.

is away!

In an ideal world, I intend to spend as much of Saturday as possible up on a high hill. But since there's a good chance that's going to be rained off, the back-up plan is for my partner and I to finish our current run of Monster Roadtrip and then get back to absolving an elephant from a murder charge in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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