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Which is the best character in Redfall?

Discover the best character for fighting back against the vamps in Redfall

The cast of Redfall walk through an abandoned street with their robot pal.
Image credit: Bethesda Softworks

Want to know which Redfall character is the best? In the town (and game) of Redfall, there are four brave characters willing to fight back against the vampires. They're a cool bunch, so it's a shame they've decided to fight the vampires rather than be the vampires, but I won't judge them too much. When it comes to fighting the vamps, each character has three unique skills that you can use to turn the tide of combat, but which character is best?

In this guide, we'll explain which is the best character in Redfall, and provide a short breakdown of their unique skills and why they've ranked in their current spot.

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Best character in Redfall

The best character in Redfall is Layla.

Layla has the best array of skills for traversal, defense, and attack. Lift helps you leap around in combat and take command of any area from a high vantage point, while Umbrella lets you block enemy attacks when you find yourself in danger. Umbrella doubles up as an offensive option, unleashing a powerful psychic blast that damages enemies, and you can use her Vampire Ex-Boyfriend when you're really in a pinch to clean up large groups of baddies.

While all characters have skills that rival one or two of Layla's abilities, we found that her full skillset is useful in combat and gives a strong edge over anything that you'll face during the campaign.

Below, you'll find our ranked tier list of all four characters in Redfall:

  1. Layla
  2. Jacob
  3. Remi
  4. Devinder

Below, we'll provide breakdowns of each character so that you can learn a little more about them.


Redfall screenshot showing Remi in the center of the image, sat on a chair and staring at the camera.

Unique skills:

  • Lift: Layla summons a spectral jump pad that propels you into the air.
  • Umbrella: Layla summons a psychic shield to block incoming bullets. Absorbing bullets also charges a psychic blast that you can unleash to damage enemies.
  • Vampire Ex-Boyfriend: Layla's ex-boyfriend and now-vampire, Jason, appears to help out in combat.

Layla is the best of the bunch, thanks to her mixed array of offensive, defensive, and traversal skills. It makes her the most versatile character, and she also seems the least finicky. Need to reach a high area? Use Lift! Low on health? Whip out that Umbrella shield and soak up some damage. Outnumbered? Jason can swoop in and help.

I don't understand the logistics of having a vampire ex-boyfriend appear when you're fighting vampires (I'm sure Jason is confused about this, too), but it's a strong array of skills that no other character can rival.


Redfall image showing Jacob wearing a cloak, sat on a chair wielding his sniper.

Unique skills:

  • Raven: Jacob summons a raven that you can use to scan ahead for enemies, or ping enemies near your current location.
  • Cloak: Jacob goes invisible for a brief period of time, or until you attack an enemy.
  • Heartstopper: Jacob summons a spectral sniper rifle that automatically locks onto enemies and deals a huge amount of damage.

Jacob has quite possibly one of the best skills in Redfall with Cloak, which lets you go completely invisible and effortlessly stealth around enemies for a short amount of time. If you prefer sneaking around, or just want to position yourself before all hell breaks loose, then Cloak is going to be your best friend.

Likewise, Heartstopper is a real lifesaver when you're in a pinch. This spectral sniper automatically locks onto enemies and deals huge damage, allowing you to effortlessly clear crowds of cultists and vampires without breaking a sweat.

Raven, however, leaves a lot to be desired. Sure, pinging enemies is always useful, but the AI simply isn't good enough to outsmart you in the Redfall campaign. Combat is often easy, and enemies will just run towards you and make themselves known anyway, so the Raven doesn't feel as useful as Jacob's other skills.


Redfall image showing Remi fixing a robot while crouched down and staring at the camera.

Unique skills:

  • C4 Charge: Remi chucks a C4 explosive that you can then detonate.
  • Siren: Your robot pal, Bribon, distracts enemies and draws their fire.
  • Mobilize: Remi summons a large circle in which you and other allies can heal.

Remi is a mixed bag, with varied skills that fail to match up to the counterparts offered by other characters. Siren, for example, is a decent distraction, but wouldn't you much rather go invisible or simply leap past any enemies? Sending Bribon in as a distraction is more effort, and there's still a chance that you might bump into an enemy and draw their fire.

We also found the C4 charge to be lacklustre, since its effectiveness relies on enemies bunching up during combat, which they rarely do. As they tend to run at you for brief 1v1 encounters, it's far easier to just pick them off with a clean headshot, and vampires are rarely still enough to throw and detonate the C4 charge before they dart away.

Mobilize, though, is an obvious winner. Heals for the whole team! What's not to love? As long as you can find a safe space to group up away from enemies, this is a handy ability to have in your back pocket if you do happen to stumble into a particularly tough fight.


Redfall image showing Devinder talking at the camera, wearing a yellow jacket.

Unique skills:

  • Arc Javelin: Devinder chucks an electric javelin that chains electricity through nearby baddies.
  • Translocate: Devinder creates a beacon to which you and any allies can teleport.
  • Blacklight: Devinder places a blacklight camera that sends out a burst of UV light, which stuns vampires and staggers other enemies.

Devinder is a tricky one, because their abilities are all fine. They're just simply slower or less powerful than those of his allies, and that makes him the worst of the bunch.

Arc Javelin is perhaps the best tool in Devinder's arsenal, thanks to the high damage potential for clearing groups of enemies. That chain lightning is always very cool, and watching it zap an entire group of baddies satisfies my inner wizard (I play a chaotic lil Gnome Wizard in a regular Dungeons and Dragons game).

Translocate, the big traversal ability in Devinder's skillset, is less useful. It lets you summon a teleporter nearby, before allowing you and any allies to interact with said teleporter to quickly move to a designated area (that's also nearby - no cross-map shenanigans). It's a handy little portal for moving in combat, basically, but that's so finicky to place when enemies are swarming you and your pals. You'd be much better off simply shooting anything that comes close.

Devinder's final ability, Blacklight, is a temporary defensive solution that is serviceable in combat. Stunning vampires and staggering cultists is useful! However, the stun/stagger doesn't last long, and we'd much rather use something that deals big damage to wipe them out and leave no chance to recover. Layla's vampire ex or Jacob's strong sniper will serve you much better, and will also feel far cooler.

That wraps up our guide on the best characters in Redfall. For more, check out the Redfall system requirements to see if your PC can handle Arkane's latest.

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