August 2010 Archive

    1. Wot I Think - King's Bounty: Crossworlds
    2. Where There's A Will: Legacy
    3. Ship Simulator Extremes... Tourist Missions!
    4. I Want My Mummy: Blood Bowl Khemri
    5. Destroy The Brain: Destroy The Brain
    6. World Of Tanks Beta, Continued
    7. Guilding It Bigger: Guild Wars 2 Interview
    8. Company Of Heroes Online: Allies Trailer
    9. Find The Love: Mystery P.I. San Fran Demo
    10. Zombies Exposed: Dead Rising 2 Trailer
    1. Dead Weather Report: Bulletstorm Footage
    2. Arma II: OA, Wednesday Night
    3. Thoroughly Gilded: Guild Wars 2 Preview
    4. Okay, We Played Subvein For A Bit
    5. TechnoShock - BioShock 2: Minerva's Den
    6. Games Minus Stories = ?
    7. Impressions Of: Elemental - War Of Magic
    8. From The Bunker: The Bethesda/id Podcast
    9. All Grown Up: New Eyemaze Game
    10. MS Developing At Least One New "Core" Title
    11. Hazy Shade of Winter: Seasons
    1. A Quick Call Out For Pripyat
    2. The Sunday Papers
    3. After Murder Park: Serial Killer Rogue Faked
    1. Wot I Think: Mafia II
    2. It's Blitz: StarCraft 2 1.1 Patch Notes Released
    3. Four-Play: Telltale's New Game Teased
    4. Arma II: OA Event Tomorrow. Or Not.
    5. Never Forget: Amnesia Gold, Out Sept 8th
    6. The Age of Empires II is Ten. Fancy A Game?
    1. Qu'est-ce Que C'est: Serial Killer Roguelike
    2. Faster Pussycat, Eat, Eat! Time4Cat
    3. The Secret World: Preview & Footage
    4. A World Rally Championship 2010 Trailer
    5. Tardiss? Dr Who: Tardis Available
    6. Hungry Like The Wolf: Seventh Sense
    7. The Game "Worms Reloaded" Has A Demo
    8. Postal III Depicts Wanton Apple Theft
    1. Put A Ring On It: Chime
    2. Paper & Paper Roleplaying: Witcher 2 Fun
    3. AI War: Children of Neinzul Preorders/Charity
    4. Person Shooter: Metagun
    5. Online Outlined: Paradox Connect Announced
    6. Don't Hate The Player, Hate: :the game:
    7. Sleeper To Awaken: Dreamlords Resurrection
    8. European Union: Patrician IV English Demo
    9. Some Stuff In A Box: Vanitas
    10. Going Coastal: End of Nations Preview
    11. Wardell On "Unfinished" Controversy
    12. Skullin' Up: Guild Wars 2's Necromancer
    1. Stylish Gel: Portal 2 Footage
    2. Swords & Soldiers (& Vikings & Monkeys)
    3. Lie Party: R.U.S.E. PC Demo Released
    4. A Metro 2033 Demo, Eh?
    5. A Blood Red State: Dead State Revealed
    6. Stardock In "Unfinished" Game Drama
    7. CCP And The Wrath Of The Playerbase
    8. Gametrailers Interview Erik Wolpaw
    9. YouTuba: Red Orchestra 2 Dev Walkthrough
    10. Mod News: News Mods
    11. Up The Morning: Up Down Ready
    1. Impressions: Alchemia
    2. Cloud Gaming: BioShock Infinite Thoughts
    3. Pottering About: Academagia Impressions
    4. Lost Horizon Demo, Trailer, Wittering
    5. Robo Crazy: Plain Sight 1.2 Patch & $2 Sale!
    6. Distress Call: Damzel
    7. "A Lot Of Interest" in Demigod Sequel
    8. Banking On It: Patrician IV German Demo
    9. The 9-5 Attention Span: Hummingbird Mind
    10. Alien Swarm To Get AI Director
    1. GameCon ’10 Ripport: Fallout New Vegas
    2. How A Steam Promotion Saved Introversion
    3. Bloody Weather: Rainblood: Town of Death
    4. Push It Real Good-er: One Button Arthur
    5. Watch This Space: Black Prophecy Footage
    6. Going Fourth: Neverwinter Announced
    7. Inquisition: Dark Millenium Online Interview
    8. Barbie Queue: Liferaft: Zero
    9. Keep On Asking About Citizen Kane
    10. UK Politician "Shocked" By Medal Of Honor
    11. Eurogamer Retrospective: GTA 1
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Schooled: Portal On The Wabash Reading List
    2. GamesCom '10 Report: Day 3
    3. Left 4 Dead Expansion Lets You Choose...
    4. CCP Show Off Fanciness
    5. Clone Wars Adventures Open Beta
    6. A2OA Compo: Winners And Postponement!
    7. WH40k Dark Millennium 1st Faction Revealed
    8. Ministry Of War Beta Key Compo
    9. Buddy System: Portal 2 Co-Op Trailer
    1. Multitasking: Morplee
    2. Dynastic, Fantastic: Crusader Kings 2
    3. Safe From Harm: Swarm Arena
    4. Jagged Alliance 2: Reloaded Announced
    5. GameCon ’10 Ripport, Day Too: The Witcher 2
    6. A Dirty Go-Test: Nail'd Gamescom Trailer
    7. Lionheart: King's Crusade Gamescom Trailer
    8. Gold Pieces: Everquest II Extended Open Beta
    9. Doctor Who Adventures Ep 3 Will Be: Tardis
    10. Arma 2: British Armed Forces
    11. Smooth Moves: Brink Footage
    12. GamesCom '10 Report: Day 2
    1. You Can Be Slow Or Fast: Cities In Motion
    2. Increpare: Indie Developer Needs Cash, Badly
    3. Wot I Think: Puzzle Quest 2
    4. That's A Lot Of Bull: Dungeons Teaser
    5. Nerf Superman: DC Universe Online
    6. Pretend That We're Dead: e7
    7. Sound Of The Underground: Dwarfs Beta
    8. End Of Nations: Some PvP Footage
    9. Elemental's Stylish Launch Trailer
    1. GameCon '10 Ripport, Day Wun
    2. GamesCom ’10 Report: Day 1
    3. Gratuitous Space Battles Gets Campaign
    4. Portal 2 On-Screen Footage, Other Stuff
    5. F1 2010 Trailer Has Cars, Drivers, Beats
    6. Co-opted: Torchlight II Trailer
    7. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Trailer
    8. On The Menu: Diablo III Artisans Trailer
    9. A Couple More BioShock Infinite Screens
    10. Activision Aims To Recruit Ex-RTW Staff
    11. Star Trek Online Season 2 Goes Boldly Forth
    12. "Size Doesn't Matter" Day
    13. Making The Cut: Jagged Alliance Online
    14. Back Once Again: Heroes of Might & Magic VI
    15. Lord of The Rings: War in the North
    16. Postal III: New Footage, Little Controversy
    1. The Escapist: Azeroth Is Burning
    2. DogFighter Gets Dedicated Servers, Demo
    3. Yet More Spaceflight: SWTOR Space Combat
    4. That Dead Space 2 Flight Sequence
    5. Dawn of War II - Retribution Announced
    6. Realtime Worlds Enter Administration
    7. Conveniently, There's A Crysis 2 Walkthrough
    8. Dragon Age 2 Trailer, Screens Now Too
    9. EA GC2010 Press Conference Round Up
    10. In League: Patrician IV and Patrician Online
    11. You Will Go To: The Balls
    12. Lost Planet 2 Benchmark & Lady Pirates
    13. New Age: Age of Empires Announced & Beta
    14. Chahi's Project Dust Heading To PC
    15. Something In the Air: Microsoft Flight Returns
    1. The Boyz Are Back In Town: Goblin Camp
    2. Spector: Games Are Not Meant To Be Movies
    3. Not Forgotten: Bioware On Baldur's Gate
    4. Prickly Pair: Gamma4 & Norrland
    5. Rule Stars: Star Ruler
    6. Nude Ascending A Scoreboard: Nudo
    7. Eurogamer: Soldner Retrospective
    8. Redundancies At Real Time Worlds
    9. Galactica Cast Get Another Paycheque
    10. Rage UK Release Date Sept 16th! Er... 2011.
    11. Orion Prelude Evolves To Commercial Project
    12. Strong Like Ox: Stronghold 3
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. X-COM Creator On XCOM
    2. Night-time Story: The Curfew Less Wobbly
    3. Zenimax Is Arkane Studios' Dark Messiah
    4. We're Also Getting Tropico 4
    1. Y.A.Y.: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 In 2012
    2. Win! City of Heroes Going Rogue & Digi-Swag
    3. The Bioshock Infinite Ken Levine Interview
    4. Tubular: Part-Time Angle Grinder Hero
    5. Deus Ex: Human Revolution In-Game Footage
    6. The Scourge Project Gets A Demo
    7. Bioshock Infinite Posters. Also, Stuff.
    8. MOW:AS To Get Open Beta...
    9. Opening Time: Recettear Dated'n'Priced
    10. RPS Is Actually Maintained Shocker
    1. Whoosh! Bam! Space Marine Preview
    2. id Not Licensing id Tech 5
    3. Irrational Anthem: Their New Game, Unveiled
    4. Same Dungeon, New Keeper
    5. Exclusive: Pro Adventure Gamer John Walker
    6. Can I See Some id? Announcement Tonight
    7. Snow Crash: Solipskier
    8. Compoperation Arrowhead
    9. RUSE Drops Ubi DRM For Steamworks
    1. Regular Fixture: Football Manager 2011
    2. The Prestige: Starcraft 2 Narrative Innovation
    3. ELSPA Confirms UK Digital Sales Chart
    4. Daily Rag: Gamers Addicted To Foot-to-ball
    5. Daily Star: Foot-to-ballers Addicted To Games
    6. Comradical: More Borderlands DLC
    7. Get Your Privates Patched
    8. Mod News: What's Wrong With Your Visage?
    9. Clipsqueak: Not So Massive Action Game
    10. Gearbox To Finish Duke?
    1. Victoria II: Demo I
    2. Guild Wars 2: Gosh
    3. Loom and Gloom: Looming
    4. States Of The Nation: More Civ V Thoughts
    5. Connect WAR: Puzzle Quest 2
    6. Splash Damage Explain Brink's Backstory
    7. Ship Sim Extremes Sails August 27th
    8. Fancy Hats: Mafia II Demo
    9. The RPS Electronic Wireless Show 42
    10. Chockablock: Minecraft Revisited
    1. Medal Of Honor's Taliban Multiplayer
    2. Eurogamer Hands On: World of Tanks
    3. Starcraftsmanship Compo: The Results
    4. Black Ops Multiplayer Looks Like This
    5. Hocking Joins LucasArts
    6. Huzzah! Hussars! Total Forumitude
    7. The Future Of Everquest: Everquest Next
    8. Quake Live Remains Free, Adds Subs
    9. CCP On The Single Shard MMO
    10. Further Use Of 'Gasm: Cargasm
    11. Rebellion (Lies): depict1
    12. Eurogamer Retro: King's Bounty
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Ooh: Valve's Mystery DotA Game Leakorised?
    1. The PC's Influence On Long-Term UK Sales
    2. Crate Expectations: Grim Dawn
    3. A Dozen Or So Hours With: Civilization V
    4. Show Tremendous Interest In Toonstruck 2
    5. Kissing the Cactus: Cactus Arcade
    6. Starcraftsmanship: Competition!
    7. ANSWER THE QUESTION! By The Numbers
    8. PCGA: Lots Of Gaming PCs Sold In 2009
    1. Privates Out, Flapping About In The Breeze
    2. Jim Sim: Under The Garden
    3. "I'm Taking Off Your Bra + 4 Versus Scarabs"
    4. School is a Battlefield: Battlefield Academy
    5. Batman: Arkham City Announced
    6. Deus Ex 3: Human Revolution Preview
    7. Bigger Daddy: Bioshock 2's Single Player DLC
    8. Deus Ex 3: Huge Art & Screens Gallery
    9. Combustin' Out: Burn Zombie Burn
    10. Valve Prophesise Mac Game Wave In 2011...
    11. "Tosh." How Apt.
    12. The Morning Silly: Two Worlds II Therapy
    1. The Din Crowd: Din's Curse New Demo
    2. Duel Runnings: Nidhogg Trailer
    3. Funny Little Frog: Frogatto
    4. The RPS TF2 Server: A News Thing
    5. Spectators To Spectate Spector's Speculation
    6. Syndicate, Syndicate, Syndicate
    7. The Light That Never Goes Out: Torchlight II
    8. Mod News: Hilarity Ensues
    9. Good Points: Achievement Unlocked 2
    1. Future-Catan
    2. Shock! Irrational's New Game Looms Close
    3. Golden Wrench Destruction For Charity
    4. You Can Get Get Lamp
    5. Japanese Gamers Vs ???
    6. RPS Interviews 8 Year Old Developer Ross
    7. Linkin Park's Medal Of Honor Trailer Is Here!
    8. Knightlife: The Sims Medieval Announced
    9. Leicester Squared: Big Pixel Zombies
    10. Colony Irrigation: Victoria 2 Goes Gold
    11. Here Comes The Hotstepper: One Step Back
    12. Heroes Of Newerth Is Free For A Week
    13. Hurrah/Bah: Fable III Grumblenews
    1. Book: Secrets Of Monkey Island (& The Rest)
    2. Red Alert: A Transformers MMO
    3. Can We Refuse Mafia II Footage?
    4. Millionaire Sweeper: Dustforce
    5. Lord of the Rings Free2Play Beta Impressions
    6. Electronical Artisans: EA's Create
    7. Lego Universe Build Trailer Is Appealing
    8. The Harm Of Gaming: We Present The Facts
    9. From A Stream To A Sigh: Stream
    10. Company of Heroes Online Keys Giveaway
    11. A Not-So Grim Future: Team Forty K
    12. Park Life: Tricky Truck
    13. EG Retrospective: Tomb Raider IV
    14. "The New Immersion Paradigm"
    1. DiRT 3: The Sequel Confirmed, Trailered
    2. The Sunday Papers