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You Will Go To: The Balls

Okay. It's lunch-hour in the UK. I want to play The Balls, and need you chap's help. Basically, it's a scrum-game by Cryptic Sea - which is the genre title I've plucked out of my head for things like Transformice. Played on a server with up to 100 other balls (or 4 people on one machine), you play a tiny eponymous ball racing across real-world environments at a micro-scale. You either race, or smash stuff up or eliminate one another. In other words, Transformice meets Micromachines, with a sinister 50s horror theme. You can get it from here - it's currently in a brand new 0.57 version - and there's a server running in the US. There's dedicated server software stuff if anyone wants to set up their own. Anyway - some video of the previous, not as fancy looking, version follows. Download and join me. I want to experience the sort of 100 balls of jiggling chaos I haven't seen since the last Future Christmas party I went to.

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Oh - worth looking at the site to learn the hang-on/explode sort of abilities too. And when you're hanging on, you can move in any direction on your D-pad. Also the better you do, the other sorts of balls you unlock, who you select at the start and each have a special power to use.

Go balls!

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