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Four-Play: Telltale's New Game Teased

Lauri was the first to mail us with news that Telltale are teasing us furiously via the medium of Gametrailers. A short footage stating "Bet you never thought these guys would get together", followed by silhouettes of Him from Penny Arcade, Him from Sam 'n' Max, Him from Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People and - unless our eyes deceive us - him from Team Fortress 2. Holding - er - cards? They seem to be cards. What could it be? A videogame, that's what. It's not going to be a fridge decoration. We'll know on September 2nd and the teaser trailer follows...

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We're going to look more stupid than normal if it's a fridge decoration now, aren't we?

Any guesses? Mine would be that the "get together" is meant in the carnal way, and it's a four-way orgy featuring hot, steamy brand-on-brand action.

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