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Good Points: Achievement Unlocked 2

Now this is a wonderful way to start a day! This, and a mug of steamy tea. Bliss. Everyone's favourite elephant in the (series of) room(s) is back! To pick up where our coverage of the original left off, the best approach to writing about it is to write as little as possible, so I've stowed some thoughts and a video after the jump. For now, go play.

It's interesting how much more than straight satire this game manages to be. On the one hand, it's a bit odd that in mocking achievements and DLC by exaggerating them, Achievement Unlocked 2 makes itself compelling for the exact same reasons as them. On the other hand, the game also exists to espouse some of the biggest strengths of achievements- how they can encourage play and experimentation, and how they can act as a one-way conduit for dialogue from developer to player. That dialogue might just be a series of winks, nudges and jokes, but that's still more than enough to make the game feel so much warmer and more human.

My current favourite achievement is No Double Jumping, which you get for doing your first double jump, whenever that is. Trying to do it again, you find you're stuck with a single jump. Gah!

Here's a walkthrough and a trailer, in case you prefer watching games or reading about them to playing them, you big weirdy jerk. Warning! Absolutely none of the humour carries into the trailer. I'm only posting it here for completion's sake. I think it might get me an achievement.

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