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Bioshock Infinite Posters. Also, Stuff.

While I'm finishing off the transcript of the Levine interview, I thought this may be of passing interest. At certain press events, you can find yourself given what I'll describe as gumpf. Having a house already brimming with literature, Skaven and literature about Skaven, I tend to give it to a passing tramp. However, noting that some of the actual repurpose Bioshock: Infinite propaganda posters were among them, I dragged 'em with me and took some quick cam phone shots. Also, some of the other stuff, which may reveal some fine detail of what Irrational are up to. Possibly.

Er... the Alice Munroe collection is just to pin the poster down. That's irrelevant.

I didn't actually mention in the feature, but it's possible that some - or maybe many - aren't aware of what Columbia is. In short, Columbia is to America what Britannia is to Britain: the personification of the national spirit and secular deity. Hence the name has more connotations other than the early Oasis album track. In fact, as nothing on Qt3 noted, there's also this.

I was circle-strafing, you foolish little girl.

Anyway, there's also some more questionable stuff, such as this...

Which is a Murder Of Crows "tonic" - though it's not called a tonic anywhere on it. Established 1895, however, which implies that this sort of "powers" technology has been in the game world for quite some time previous to Columbia and its disappearance. In the played section, this is what the player drank to basically unlock the psychic-crow attack, which reminds me of the splendid Casanova psychic attack motif.

Oh - it also is full of a liquid, but is totally sealed in all ways. Short of a large black sphere with a fuse in the top, this makes it the world's most suspicious item to get through customs.

There's also this...

Which is labelled "Dr Gallop's Cocoa Restorative", which suggests there's an NPC called Dr Gallop with a fine line in restoratives in the game. Inside the box is some fancy local chocolates, including this one...

Which may imply there's a mouse in the game. Or it's a promise of proper mouse-control systems. Or possibly, sometimes a tiny chocolate mouse is just a tiny chocolate mouse.

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