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Podcast: The best music, songs and soundtracks

Listen to the sound of music

Listen up, you’re drumming on my time now. What’s the tune? It’s the RPS podcast, the Electronic Wireless Show of course. This week we are talking about music in games, and what makes a good game soundtrack. The bleeps and bloops of Pac Man? Or the orchestral panache of Oblivion? A lot of people requested this topic, so we’ve also done something special – a music quiz! Can you guess the game based on a few seconds of music? Even if you can, I doubt you’ll score higher than Katharine, who it turns out is, uh, quite interested in videogame music.

Alice likes the music from the Fallout series, and the trailer tunes of Mass Effect, while Brendan is more into the chiptune of VVVVVV or record scratching of Jet Set Radio. Katharine is a voracious devourer of music and even goes to concerts for Final Fantasy music. She’s like a marlboro, but instead of eating people, she eats soundtracks.

You can listen above, or go straight to Soundcloud where you can download it for later.

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Let's also give a special thank you to our own music provider, Jack de Quidt, who is brilliant. Thanks also to everyone who requested this topic. Want to write in with questions or suggest a theme for a future episode? Now you can, to podcast@rockpapershotgun.com.


To Zanarkand from Final Fantasy X

You can listen to one hour of Zelda Breath of the Wild if you want

Final Fantasy orchestral concerts are intense

Florence and her Machine did a cover of Stand By Me for Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy X-2’s colourful J-pop

There’s a Jet Set Radio Live!

VVVVVV’s soundtrack is called PPPPPP

Beyoncé in Dream Land

Animal Crossing browser extension adds music to your day

The oldy-worldy Fallout music

Two Steps From Hell do loads of trailer music

PUNKSNOTDEAD is the punk punching game Brendan can’t remember

Watch Dogs 2’s punk pop song by Masked Intruder

Katharine uses the Doom soundtrack to test headphones

Far Away in Red Dead Redemption

BioShock Infinite’s barbershop quartet sings God Only Knows

It’s whole anachronism soundtrack idea was great

The Yawhg has gentle, calming music

The Red Strings Club’s soundtrack is good

Our Spotify music quiz

10 hours of Sims build music jesus wept

The joy of Absolver’s social fight clubs

Absolver is getting new stuff in September

Banner Saga 3 is a final foray into darkness

Ni No Kuni 2 review

New Ice York is funny

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