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MS Developing At Least One New "Core" Title

Microsoft have been saying that they're getting back on track with the PC, after years of letting things slide in favour of their TV-box. Evidence of this is to be seen - apparently - in GFWL, but also in the arrival of Fable 3 on PC, and the relaunch of Age Of Empires as an online game. VG247 report that there's even more going on behind the scenes, too. They spoke to Microsoft Game Studios GM Dave Luehmann while at GamesCom, and he had this to say about MS bringing out games that would support the traditional PC gamer habit of buying hefty hardware: “There are other products, and I can think of one in particular, that will really encourage that type of behaviour,” he later went on to say: “Think of it as a barrier to entry. So, there’s a cost barrier to entry, there’s a hardware requirement barrier to entry. Using web games as an example, think about that funnel, from very, very casual to core MMO players. How do you bring your customers into a funnel, into a relationship with a company and then give them lots of different product offerings?"

I've no idea, but did he say "core MMO"? Hmm. Speculating cap on, folks. What core MMO could MS possibly be developing?

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