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School is a Battlefield: Battlefield Academy

No demo yet, but the just released Battlefield Academy does seem at least its own thing, which is always intriguing. Well, if not totally own thing, a continuation of something which was its own thing. Battle Academy was a 2004 webgame for the BBC - which is still available - and Slitherine has made a stand alone expanded commercial re-imagining with the aid of John Buckley, Military Historian at the University of Wolverhampton. Multiple theatres, accessible style, lots of details, multiplayer and modding - full feature list on the site, where you can also buy it. A little footage showing some basic tactics follows...

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(The title is from "School is a battlefield for your heart" from top 90s cancelled teen-drama My (So-Called) Life. Which didn't fit, which makes me sad. Sigh.)

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