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Valve Prophesise Mac Game Wave In 2011...

There's the first part of a hefty interview with Valve on the (registration only, curse them) Basically, they're saying they're pleased with it, and the number of players with ipod-earphones on their TF2 characters is actually a good way to get a rule-of-thumb guess on the percentage of Mac-uptake (Free in-game headphones were given with the mac-purchase). However the key is the quotes from Jason Holtman ("Nobody's fighting it, but everybody's wondering what they do over the next year or two with their titles. It takes time to play a title and to fund a title, so they're thinking about it and they're incorporating this new data and this new way of thinking into these plans they're making for a year or two.") and Doug Lombardi ("People are looking at their titles for this holiday and saying 'a Mac version would screw with my schedule, or I'd have to ship it late. Neither of those is super-desirable. But the titles that I have in Spring of 2011 or in Holiday of 2011, let's have a discussion and let's see those numbers and start to figure it out.'"). So good news for the Mac owners. Of course, the flip of the story is "due to the lag between the new venue's numbers and it effecting development decisions, expect the rest of 2010 to be slow". So not all good news then. Ah, the news. It gives and it takes away.

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