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Clone Wars Adventures Open Beta

The new free-to-play Clone Wars Adventure has just gone live. As in, open Beta where you can pop in and play. Since it's in Beta there's content unavailable - including the pay stuff, really - but the basic structure is there. And, as far as I can see, it's basically a glorified chat-room (with dress up) and a whole load of mini-games you can play. In fact, while you can actually go to places in the world to start the games in an atmospheric fashion, it's much easier to just press the play button and select from the list. It's a fancy arcade, with you able to hop between Clone-Wars themed archetypal online games. For example, the sword-fighting is basically an Audition-clone, with whoever hammers out a sequence faster gets to win the clash-of-swords. The Tower Defence clone is probably my favourite so far, with the quality of others varying wildly. I did like the OTTP powering up of your guns in Starfighter when you get a combo going. Alas, the typing-game isn't the Typing of the Dead... with Jedi thing you'd have hoped for. Anyway - you can sign up and play here or watch the new trailer with devs yabbering below...

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I've just realised that "Clone Wars" is a somewhat ironic title when all the games are seem to be standard clones. I suspect it wasn't deliberate.

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