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Tubular: Part-Time Angle Grinder Hero

Something for the weekend, sir? May I recommend Part-time Angle Grinder Hero? You can download it from here, then load it by dragging the 14mb .swf file into your browser. It is an epic tale of love, drinking, and angle grinding. But mainly drinking. And angle grinding.

Plus, the music's amazing.

I cannot get enough of games which exaggerate incredibly mundane settings. I really can't. I suspect if I ever got really rich the vanity game I'd commission would be a full simulation of suburban life, complete with terrible blue collar job, dysfunctional family and dusty house, but all passed through the filter of some mad game designer's brain. It'd be a strange labyrinth of materialism, sexual frustration, violence and insecurity, with surreal dialogue and motion captured animation where the actors had been told to walk as if they were a badly animated videogame characters. It would also feature an unwinnable sex minigame portrayed entirely in analogies. So, you'd be steering a train into a tunnel, but the train would always veer away at the last second and crash spectacularly into the wall.

Uh- where was I? Oh yes. Part-time Angle Grinder Hero. Get it here. Here's a video! And enjoy your Friday night.

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