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The RPS Electronic Wireless Show 42

Don't call it a comeback. Okay, do. With Quinns' recent move to London, Kieron and he decided to gather in an office and mumble at one another. And then record it. And then share it. You can download it directly from here, subscribe to it by RSS with this, or get it on iTunes from here. And breakdown of what we cover follows...

00:00 - We try to remember how an intro works.
01:45 - What have we been playing? A little about Lord of the Rings Online.
02:20 - We move onto Starcraft 2 where we talk about - er - what it's about. The eternal issue of the vocal nature of online fans and how they over-represent in the Western market. And stuff and things! About Starcraft 2!
05:40 - A hypothetical gaming "faking-it" - trying to play in a tournament with no skills. In short, no.
06:40 - Back to Starcraft 2. Single player this time!
08:00 - We start talking about its lack of unlocks in multiplayer, and do it quite badly. Man!
08:40 - Space Station 13. This segues into MUSH games and similar.
11:40 - Kieron makes a most uncanny strange speech-impediment noise. It sounds like an Alien is bursting from him.
13:10 - And we move onto odd interfaces between roleplaying games and videogames - and the moments when an P&P RPG becomes a simulation. Relevant bits - Paranoia, that "real" RPG article.
16:15 - The idea of videogames making people more used to press buttons - or not, in Quinns' case.
18:15 - Social groups becoming its own rules for games - plus transgression. Man, that sounded seriousness.
19:40 - What has RPS done recently? We look at the site and give some commentary.
20:00 - We try and talk about the Curfew a bit. Also, Kieron's fear of the word "Info". This segues into the general question of writing in games - and the limitations thereof. A lot of "We" versus "Us" and seguing into the nature of games.
32:00 - The idea of "Clicking as discovery". The basic nature of interaction. Kieron appears to have a psychological breakthrough on something incredibly basic. Quinns moves this onto Thief: Deadly Shadow's The Cradle. The idea of being the instigator is enormous.
34:00 - You definitely won't hear the editing here. Such things are impossible!
35:15 - And we discuss what Kieron - and now Quinns' - dream games journalist project would be.
36:45 - We say goodbye! Will we go off and play Chaos in the Old World or Illumanti? It's Illuminanti.

You can also listen to it here:

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