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RPS Interviews 8 Year Old Developer Ross

You may remember a couple of weeks back we featured a game made by eight-year-old Ross, Alien Black Hole. What stood out about it was a really smart idea - needing to use your enemies to create paths to let you exit a level. Because we think Ross is a bit of a hero, making a game that clever at his age, we wanted to interview him to find out his thoughts. So with the help of his mum and dad, we got in touch. You can read it below.

RPS: How long have you been making games?

Ross: I just started... 1 week. Since my 2nd Cousin once removed, Colin, arrived from Canada.
RPS: How long did it take to make Alien Black Hole?

Ross: 1 week, I worked on it all day every day

RPS: What games do you enjoy playing?

Ross: Games that are on Andkon Arcade. Club Penguin. 
RPS: Do you ever play games made especially for kids?

Ross: Yes, Club Penguin. Andkon Arcade is mostly for kids and I play games on my DS.

RPS: Do you ever play games with your parents? If so, which do you think are good games to play with a family?

Ross: Yes I enjoy playing Wii fit with my Mum and Dad. I also play Bounty Hunter, Sonic, and Star Wars games on PS2 with my Dad.

RPS: What do you think is the secret for making a great game?

Ross: Taking your time and think about it a lot.

RPS: Do you hope to carry on making games? Is it something you'd like to do for a job?

Ross: Yes I would love it as a job!

RPS: Will you give us the world exclusive on any new games you release?!

Ross: Maybe... if you ask me first!

RPS: Thanks for your time!

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