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Shock! Irrational's New Game Looms Close

That's the studio formerly known as 2K Boston formerly known as Irrational to you. As in Ken Levine's original-name-reclaiming bunch: the developers who made System Shock 2, SWAT 4, Tribes Vengeance, Freedom Force - and, of course, Bioshock the first.

And there's that Pandora's box opened. The important news, though, is that Irrational are finally taking the lid of whatever their new project is next week. Several years in the making, massively mysterious: whatever it is, whatever it's like, it's bound to be a big old chat-magnet.

The reveal's coming on the 12th, specifically, and will be heralded by a CGI trailer. Whatever could it be? For the longest time it was rumoured to be the XCOM remake, but it turned out earlier this year that 2K Marin and Australia were tackling that. Oh look, another Pandora's box.

So: whaddaya think it's going to be? Irrational asked their most devoted the same question, and have rounded up the best fan-guesses into this here podcast. Not sure why anyone bothered guessing though, when it's quite clearly going to be a remake of Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude.

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