November 2018 Archive

    1. The fantastic & fabulous RPS Advent Calendar 2018
    2. Anodyne 2: Return To Dust explains its weird dimension-hopping antics
    3. Stardew Valley developer splits with Chucklefish to self-publish
    4. They Are Billions launches a scenario editor and level sharing
    5. Thief: The Dark Project is 20 years old, and that makes me feel the following emotions
    6. Total War: Three Kingdoms's new diplomacy systems look deviously intricate
    7. Fortnite's cross-platform account merging delayed until early 2019
    8. Project Nova alpha tests cancelled as CCP put it back in the oven
    9. Thea 2: The Shattering smashes into early access
    10. Space sandbox X4: Foundations is out now
    11. Hold it right there, you taffer - Thief is 20 years old today!
    12. Overkill's The Walking Dead launches cheaper Starter Edition
    13. The Foxer
    14. The Flare Path: Capuzzo Counterpunch
    15. BioWare revealing a Dragon Age something in December
    16. The Elder Scrolls: Blades delayed into 2019
    17. Cue the music: Anthem closed alpha signups are open
    18. Life Is Strange 2’s second episode will come out in January
    19. Have you played… Sailaway - The Sailing Simulator?
    1. Pathologic 2 splinters into a trio of episodic releases
    2. Battle Brothers expansion Beasts & Exploration is out today
    3. Versus shmup Rival Megagun is out now
    4. Rapture Rejects launches into early access with a free weekend
    5. Crossout's open-world PvE adventure mode rolls into closed beta
    6. ESA defend loot boxes again, while IGDA call for industry self-regulation
    7. Explore Broken Reality's weird internet with a demo
    8. Podcast: Our early impressions of Artifact
    9. Asymmetric dungeon brawler Breach launches on early access in January
    10. Artifact keywords: abilities and effects, what they mean
    11. Artifact Call to Arms cards: every card currently available in the base set
    12. Artifact deck building: how to make a deck, understanding the colours
    13. Hearthstone: Rastakhan's Rumble cards now all revealed
    14. Fallout 76 gives £4 in virtuacash to apologise for Power Armor Edition's trash bag
    15. Surrender Priest deck list guide - Hearthstone (Rastakhan's Rumble)
    16. Rust studio go turn-based tactical with Clatter next month
    17. Red Dead Redemption 2 Online: Best ways to make money
    18. Saturday morning MMO WildStar is dead now
    19. Have You Played... Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis?
    1. Sea Of Thieves's Shrouded Spoils update adds more meat to its skellington bones
    2. Hearthstone: Rastakhan's Rumble guide
    3. Dragon Ball FighterZ adds online trophy tournaments and rooms to hoard the prizes
    4. Cards on the table: Artifact is out
    5. R-Type Dimensions EX remasters two classic arcade shmups on PC today
    6. Team 17 to publish hundred-player WW2 shooter Hell Let Loose
    7. FTC & Australian Senate committee give loot boxes the stink eye
    8. BenQ EX3203R review: The HDR monitor that looks better without it
    9. How Steven Universe delights, then disturbs
    10. The ugly beauty of Euro Truck Sim 2's first collusion with Russia
    11. Minecraft: Story Mode is now on Netflix, Telltale's final launch
    12. 8 Japanese games that deserve to find a new home on PC
    13. Obi-Wan and the Battle Of Geonosis arrive in Star Wars: Battlefront 2
    14. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Ainigmata Ostraka: all the clue solutions, the best engravings
    15. Fallout 76 enemies: all the monsters you fight in Appalachia
    16. Wot I Think: BattleTech Flashpoint
    17. Destiny 2 lays out plan for next nine months of free updates and paid DLC
    18. Spell Paladin deck list guide - Rastakhan - Hearthstone (December 2018)
    19. Nidhogg 2 teaches the concepts that underpin fighting games
    20. Have You Played... Secret Agent Barbie?
    1. Khorne's minions arrive in Warhammer 40k: Inquisitor - Martyr before an overhaul
    2. Project Eagle is a Homeworld-tinged model of NASA's dream Martian base
    3. Darksiders 3 rides into stores today
    4. Battletech expansion Flashpoint and a free new mode are out now
    5. Big fixes and quality-of-life features on the way for Fallout 76 on PC
    6. Wot I Think: Fallouts 5-75
    7. Fallout 76 daily quests: how to start them, getting the best loot
    8. Valve start Artifact story comic, teasing changes for Dotaworld
    9. The unnaturally muscular Hercules of Gods returns next week
    10. Warhammer Quest 2 crawling to PC in January
    11. Samsung 860 Qvo review: A fast, high-capacity SSD that's excellent value
    12. Monster Hunter: World Lunastra: how to fight it, what is its weakness
    13. Wargaming buy Fractured Space devs Edge Case
    14. Werewolf changes hands, now due in 2020
    15. Red Dead Redemption 2 Online: Open Race guide
    16. Red Dead Redemption 2 Online: Name Your Weapon guide
    17. Red Dead Redemption 2 Online: Make It Count guide
    18. Ashen is a roleplaying game about unknowingly roleplaying an NPC
    19. Have You Played... Slender: The Eight Pages?
    20. An ode to the cyberpunk David Bowie of Omikron: The Nomad Soul
    1. Yakuza Kiwami might be closer to a PC launch than expected
    2. Memory-diving JRPG Koruldia Heritage channels the PSX's weirder side
    3. Take a gentle stroll through Omno's calming demo world
    4. The Hex's deepest, darkest secret hides in another game entirely
    5. TH3 W0R5T35T W0R5T H4CK1NG M1N1G4M35 3V3R
    6. Prodeus blends old and new in a familiar retro FPS cocktail
    7. Steam Charts: Do U Cyber Edition
    8. Distract the kids this Cyber Monday with Shadowrun's old live-action promo
    9. Alien: Blackout seems to be that mysterious new Alien shooter
    10. Hardcoded lets trans women be horny without being a fetish
    11. Red Dead Redemption 2 Online: Start date and start times
    12. Frog Shaman deck list guide - Rastakhan - Hearthstone (December 2018)
    13. Wot I Think: Darksiders III
    14. Welcome to Cyber Monday, normies
    15. Our picks from the Steam autumn Sale discountapalooza
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Star Citizen free trial week blasts off
    2. What are we all playing this weekend?
    1. Warborn is bringing the hex appeal back to anime mech-war
    2. Jets'n'Guns 2 blazes into early access this December
    3. Euro Truck Simulator 2 expands Beyond The Baltic Sea next week
    4. Itch's Black Friday Not-Sale discounts no games, for charity
    5. Rapture Rejects tests the holy waters in early access next week
    6. Is Hi-Rez living in Blizzard's shadow?
    7. Hitman's humour evolved because of 47's penchant for disguises
    8. I accidentally watched all of NXT Takeover and I like wrestling now
    9. Just Cause 4's best trailer stars a clumsy Japanese otter mascot
    10. Fortnite has made an 8 year old's fowl dream come true
    11. The Flare Path: A2Z
    12. The Foxer
    13. Wot I Think - Warhammer 40k: Mechanicus
    14. Fallout 76 player begs Bethesda for the sweet relief of death
    15. Have You Played... Holopoint?
    1. The Haunted Island, A Frog Detective Game cracks the case today
    2. Try the God's Gift demo and play Pikmin with human lives
    3. Snag a copy of Outcast: Second Contact free on Humble today
    4. Bet on love, not war in procedural date-gambler BadCupid
    5. Total War: Arena shutting down in February
    6. Fallout 76 event quests: how to complete them, getting the best loot
    7. Playing Observation has made me question my treatment of rogue AIs
    8. No Man's Sky gets stranger planets and Venusian flytraps in Visions update
    9. Gambling Commission report decries skin gambling, but not loot boxes
    10. Blizzard are on their second crack at Diablo 4, claims report
    11. A sloppy setup marred the Smite and Paladins World Championships
    12. League of Legends: Support guide - How to play support
    13. Ducks are coming to Battlefield V
    14. Hitman 2 Santa Fortuna Silent Assassin walkthrough: best way to kill all the targets
    15. We talk to Alexios and Kassandra voice actors about the beauty of mocap, and using Pink Floyd to get psyched up
    16. Have You Played... Super Hexagon?
    1. Steam's Autumn Sale begins and user award nominations open
    2. Pirate nations plunder Spanish gold in Europa Universalis 4: Golden Century
    3. Platform brawler Bladed Fury is looking sharp in its latest trailer
    4. The Bard's Tale IV adds free saving, old-school grid movement, old heroes and more
    5. Video: Hitman 2 let me join the illustrious ranks of Sean Bean’s murderers
    6. Gleaming: Robert Yang remasters Rinse & Repeat
    7. Divinity: Original Sin 2 added an official The Dark Eye GM campaign today
    8. How multiplayer fell into Human: Fall Flat
    9. This is not a review of the wholly unfinished Underworld Ascendant
    10. PlanetSide 2 introducing side-switching mercenaries
    11. There’s a lot going on in Batman Ninja
    12. Total Warhammer 2 jacks into Linux & Mac
    13. Steam launches Australian dollar support, temporarily bumping some games from sale there
    14. Rainbow Six Siege will keep skulls, slots, and neon boob after all
    15. A leaked No Man's Sky trailer reveals visions of the next update
    16. The Joy of having all my girlfriends aboard in Assassin's Creed Odyssey
    17. Fireblast (Hero Power) Mage deck list guide - Hearthstone (Rastakhan's Rumble)
    18. Have You Played... Shadowgate?
    19. CS:GO - Game Modes guide
    1. Enter The Gungeon DLC canned in favour of new projects and one final update
    2. Adata XPG SX6000 Pro review: A budget alternative to Samsung's 970 Evo
    3. Sci-fi tactical RPG Element Space warps into early access
    4. What a giant catfish taught me about happiness at Final Fantasy XIV fan festival
    5. Overwatch is free to try and cheap to keep for the next week
    6. Wrestle with climate change in Civilization VI's next expansion, Gathering Storm
    7. Death of a Yorkshireman: Sean Bean vs Hitman is live now
    8. Jurassic World Evolution mutates with a major update and its first paid DLC
    9. Stellaris turning space megacapitalist with Megacorp expansion in December
    10. Premature Evaluation: HellSign
    11. Total War: Napoleon, Empire, and Medieval II now include DLC for free
    12. Hitman 2 Isle of Sgàil Silent Assassin walkthrough: best ways to kill the targets
    13. Hitman 2 Mumbai Silent Assassin walkthrough: best ways to kill the targets
    14. Hitman 2 Whittleton Creek Silent Assassin walkthrough: best ways to kill the targets
    15. Hitman 2 Miami Silent Assassin walkthrough: best way to kill the targets
    16. Steam Link box discontinued and almost sold out
    17. Battlefield V is now properly out for real
    18. Dota 2 v7.20 changes oh god so much how does Dota even work anymore
    19. Wot I Think: Bad North
    20. Have You Played… Hatoful Boyfriend?
    1. Dungeon Keeper-ish space colony sim Maia leaves early access this week
    2. The official* RPS Gaming With A Baby Awards 2018
    3. Half-Life is 20! Happy Birthday! We are all old!
    4. Free fan-racer Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart is brilliant knockabout fun
    5. Frostpunk's free Endless Mode DLC is out now and bigger than expected
    6. Fallout 76's first patch brings optimisations and fixes
    7. Darkly cute adventure Little Misfortune launches early next year
    8. AOC U2879VF review: 4K gaming on the cheap
    9. Wot I Think: Wandersong
    10. Kenshi ends its long march out of early access on December 6th
    11. More dance creators speak against Fortnite copying their moves
    12. Black Mesa shows off Xen to celebrate Half-Life's birthday
    13. Steam Charts: The Other Alice Edition
    14. Rainbow Six Siege introduces long-range shoving with Operation Wind Bastion
    15. Unknown Pleasures: Breaking views
    16. Have you played… Bot Colony?
    17. The RPS Advent Calendar guessing game is underway for 2018
    1. The Overwatch League's Hangzhou Spark know how to brand themselves
    2. Nina Freeman's sunset themed game jam produces dates, debts, and dreams
    3. Fallout 76's photo-featuring loading screens are good, but morbid
    4. EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER season one wraps up with Hope
    1. More LucasArts classics appear on Steam, including Hit The Road, Afterlife and Outlaws
    2. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds declares FIX PUBG a success, talk new development directions
    3. Paradox Interactive integrates White Wolf, cuts "disrespectful" passages from Vampire: The Masquerade
    4. Dragons and democracy are coming to Paladins
    5. Where The Water Tastes Like Wine adds new stories in free standalone Fireside Chats
    6. Priceless Play - 16th November 2018
    7. What are we all playing this weekend?
    1. Free-to-play card battler Eternal leaves early access
    2. Final Fantasy 14 announces its third expansion, Shadowbringers
    3. Space sandbox Starsector resurfaces with a massive update
    4. Cross-platform play coming to Paladins, Realm Royale and Smite
    5. Sunset Overdrive grinds onto PC today minus multiplayer
    6. Digitiser The Show turns the Teletext icon telly-ish
    7. Bloodtroid X? Lore Finder blends platform exploration and eldritch weirdness
    8. In which the cowboy game is subtle by accident
    9. Wot I Think: Steel Rats
    10. Marble Blast successor Marble It Up rolls onto PC today
    11. The Foxer
    12. Meet the devs who made games you can play in your address bar
    13. Armored Brigade review (part 2)
    14. Slay The Spire adds fourth and final act
    15. Fallout 76 players build decryption tools to simplify nuke launches
    16. Wot I Think: The Room Three
    17. Have You Played... Mysterium?
    1. Druidstone is a tactical RPG from ex-Grimrock folk due early 2019
    2. Co-op alien blaster Earthfall is free for the weekend and cheap to keep
    3. Killer7 is out now on PC and as strange as ever
    4. Tactical dungeon-crawl Warhammmer 40,000: Mechanicus is out now
    5. AMD unveil new three free games bundle for RX 590 and Vega graphics cards
    6. Underworld Ascendant is out today
    7. Hunt Showdown adds second map
    8. Podcast: The best post-apocalyptic games
    9. Fallout 76 atoms: challenges to complete to get atoms quickly
    10. Fallout 76 character creation: how to make your perfect Vault 76 resident
    11. The Sims 4 gets first-person camera view, new expansion
    12. The Textorcist is a bullet hell type 'em up
    13. Wot I Think - Ark: Extinction
    14. AMD Radeon RX 590 review: A GTX 1060 killer?
    15. Void Bastards is System Shock 2 meets XCOM and it looks great
    16. Some Telltale games pulled from sale as company continues shutdown
    17. Hitman 2 Hawke’s Bay walkthrough: how to assassinate Alma Reynard, where to find disguises, items and points of interest
    18. Hitman 2 Hawke's Bay Silent Assassin walkthrough: best way to kill the target
    19. Have You Played... Waking Mars?
    1. Astroneer takes one giant leap out of early access on February 6th
    2. EA get the band back together for Command & Conquer and Red Alert remasters
    3. Fallout 76: Postcards from West Virginia
    4. Fighting EX Layer takes a cheap swing at PC later this month
    5. Humble Dystopian Bundle gives some good, grim games for cheap
    6. This War Of Mine expansion The Last Broadcast is out now
    7. Post-Apocalypse Day: high-def Mad Maxplosions
    8. Free-to-play MMO museum manager Occupy White Walls enters early access
    9. Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ review: 4K HDR has arrived, but good grief, HOW MUCH?
    10. Aeon Of Sands has the smartest opening
    11. Battle of the burg: Fortnite launches Food Fight event mode
    12. Death of a skater boy in Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead
    13. Fallout 76 fell down, but got back up
    14. We don’t deserve this planet, the robots of Nier: Automata do
    15. THQ Nordic buy the studios behind Wreckfest and Goat Simulator
    16. Lusting for ruin on Minecraft’s most apocalyptic server
    17. Happy Post-Apocalypse Day, survivors!
    18. Hitman 2 Isle of Sgàil walkthrough: how to assassinate Zoe and Sophia Washington, how to extract the Constant and best disguise locations
    19. The criminal who killed 9.5 billion people in Elegy for a Dead World
    20. Have You Played... The Flame In The Flood?
    1. Ashe and Bob steal the spotlight in Overwatch update 1.30 today
    2. Shadow Of The Tomb Raider's first co-op DLC tomb, The Forge, is out now
    3. Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 review: Better than the GTX 1080
    4. Path Of Exile gets a bit Shadow Of Mordor in the Betrayal league
    5. I played Eco and didn't want to save the world
    6. Crusader Kings 2 expansion Holy Fury is out now
    7. Bam! Bif! Pow! Hitman 2 out now
    8. Dreamfall Chapters devs reveal Norwegian mystery Draugen
    9. Wot I Think: Battlefield V
    10. 5... 4... 3... oh frig it, Fallout 76 launched early
    11. Outlast 2's moon and the end of time
    12. Pattern is a pleasing endless walking simulator
    13. The Yawhg: an end of the world diary with leeches
    14. Kingdom Two Crowns starts cooperative lording in December
    15. Hitman 2 Santa Fortuna walkthrough: how to assassinate all three targets, where to find disguises, useful items and points of interest
    16. Hitman 2 Mumbai walkthrough: where to find The Maelstrom, how to assassinate all targets, where to find disguises
    17. Hitman 2 Whittleton Creek walkthrough: where to find the clues, how to assassinate all targets and where to find disguises
    18. Far Cry 5 should be a (sort of) Fallout prequel
    19. Pirates are swinging aboard For The King next week in a free update
    20. Happy Apocalypse Day, everyone
    21. Wot I Think: Overkill's The Walking Dead
    22. Have you played… The Typing of the Dead?
    23. CS:GO - Best Sniper Rifles 2018
    1. Five Nights At Freddy's future includes more free, VR, "AAA" and movie scares
    2. Horror game Lost In Vivo undergoes a midnight metamorphosis
    3. Lunastra stretches her wings in Monster Hunter: World next week
    4. Warframe: Fortuna graphics performance: How to get the best settings
    5. Crusader Kings 2: Holy Fury can randomly generate a world of talking animals
    6. Sunset Overdrive bounces onto PC this week according to Amazon
    7. Red Dead 2’s jelly cowboys make me glad for the Obra Dinn
    8. Steam Charts: Sexy AF Edition
    9. Fallout 76 release date, PC system requirements
    10. Vermintide 2 returning to Ubersreik in next DLC
    11. Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales now on Steam too
    12. Battlefield 1 players called a truce on Armistice day
    13. Have You Played... Gun?
    1. Sea of Thieves announces competitive mode The Arena
    2. Comic style strategy-shooter Void Bastards announced
    3. Crackdown 3 release date announced
    4. Forza Horizon 4's first expansion will take players to stormy Fortune Island
    5. The Sunday Papers
    6. Microsoft acquires RPG studios Obsidian Entertainment and inXile
    1. Hours Played is crowdfunding to create a video game clock supercut
    2. Somehow cute saliva simulator Spitkiss is out now
    3. Warframe players speak out against crunch
    4. Overwatch's next patch will require players to reinstall the game
    5. Priceless Play -- 9th November 2018
    6. What are we all playing this weekend?
    7. Hitman 2 Mumbai walkthrough: where to find The Maelstrom, how to assassinate all targets, where to find disguises
    1. Zelda-like Hazelnut Bastille's huge demo does well on Kickstarter
    2. Demolition puzzler Cefore blasts out of early access today
    3. Redout: Space Assault channels Rogue Squadron in its debut video
    4. Forza 7 removes random 'prize crates'
    5. Rainbow Six Siege's Moroccan kasbah looks too nice to shoot to pieces
    6. Lord Of The Rings Online launches throwback 'Legendary' server
    7. Paranormal investigation RPG HellSign haunts early access today
    8. For a WoW veteran, World of Warcraft: Classic is like coming home
    9. Have You Played... Kingsway?
    10. 11-11: Memories Retold now exploring World War I
    11. The Foxer
    12. The Flare Path: Phase 2
    13. A handful of fans have kept Aliens Versus Predator 2 multiplayer alive for a decade
    14. Rain Of Reflections shows off turn-based sneaking and chatting
    15. Red Dead Redemption 2: Gangs guide
    1. Don't Starve expansion Hamlet tells a curly new tale in early access
    2. Warframe's frozen open-world expansion Fortuna is out now
    3. Multiplayer humanity sim One Hour One Life reincarnates on Steam
    4. Tactical mercenary manager End State breaches into early access soon
    5. HyperX Cloud Alpha review: Good looks and great sound (most of the time)
    6. Podcast: Of murders and mysteries
    7. Killing Floor 2 starts Gary Busey rehearsing for his Christmas event debut
    8. American Truck Simulator adds spectacle with Special Transport DLC
    9. Assassin's Creed Odyssey side quests: how to complete side quests
    10. Assassin's Creed Odyssey sailing: all the ship cosmetics, upgrading the Adrestia
    11. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Abantis Islands: how to complete the side quests
    12. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Lokris: how to complete the side quests
    13. Have You Played... Cluedo Chronicles: Fatal Illusion?
    14. Total Warhammer 2 now sailing the Vampire Coast
    15. Gris looks just so beautiful, but just so empty
    16. Wargaming announce hack 'n' slash action RPG Pagan Online
    17. The Long Dark episode 3 delayed
    18. Final Fantasy XV cancels most DLC, director quits Square Enix
    19. Deliver goods and advice to androids and AI in Cloudpunk
    20. Wot I Think: Hitman 2
    21. 'You can’t just apply Eve onto an FPS' - Hands on with Project Nova
    1. Offbeat biker platformer Steel Rats is out now
    2. DayZ finally enters beta and rolls out some early mod tools
    3. Modders unite to polish up Mass Effect 3 for N7 Day today
    4. 10 years on, here's how Dead Space went from horror to action horror in three games
    5. Mad Catz unveil new series of RAT gaming mice to mark their return to PC peripherals
    6. FMV mystery The Shapeshifting Detective infiltrates stores today
    7. How a book binds the Return of the Obra Dinn
    8. Cod Blopout unearths the Blightfather, buries the 9-Bang
    9. This pirate hat sums up how I engage with the cowboy game
    10. Have You Played... Tomb Raider: Underworld?
    11. Two Riot Games folks sue the company for sexual discrimination
    12. After five years, players have reached Payday 2's secret ending
    1. Swords And Soldiers 2: Shawarmageddon brings the beef back to PC today
    2. Ark: Extinction stomps onto a ruined Earth today
    3. Rainbow Six Siege heads to Morocco in Operation Wind Bastion
    4. Boss rush shooter Nowhere Patrol feels like Cuphead's Mega Drive cousin
    5. The gravity-defying Grip: Combat Racing flips out of early access
    6. Bethesda are "actively tracking" some gnarly cheats, exploits and more in the Fallout 76 beta
    7. Asus ROG Strix GL12CX review: The Core i9, RTX 2080 monster PC
    8. Assassin's Creed Odyssey best ending: which choices get the good ending
    9. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Xenia treasure hunts: where to find the five items
    10. Overkill's The Walking Dead launches into shambling un-life
    11. I went mingling with Eve Online's space scoundrels in Las Vegas
    12. Have You Played... Flood of Light?
    13. Hearthstone giving away free packs to celebrate hitting 100 million players
    14. Please do not play The Quiet Man with sound
    15. Strange minigolf comedy Cheap Golf is now done
    16. Vilmonic is an artificial life sim about shaping evolution, out now
    17. League of Legends: Best Bottom Laners guide
    18. Hylics 2 continues to look chuffing gorgeous
    19. Red Dead Redemption 2: Gunslingers guide - all gunslinger locations
    20. Red Dead Redemption 2: Dinosaur Bones locations guide
    1. Diablo 4's early unveiling reportedly axed from BlizzCon
    2. Ashe and Bob mosey on down to the Overwatch PTR today
    3. Underworld Ascendant sneaks in one last trailer before next week's launch
    4. HP Omen Sequencer review: The king of keyboard volume rollers
    5. World of Warcraft, give me the turtle people
    6. Agony devs Madmind announce first-person horror joint Paranoid
    7. Path Of Exile lets players buy extra hard private leagues soon
    8. Assassin's Creed Odyssey mercenaries: how to kill mercenaries, removing bounties
    9. Assassin's Creed Odyssey inventory: how to get the best weapons, legendary armour
    10. Surviving Mars: Space Race expansion blasts off next week
    11. Steam Charts: Aquatic Craniate Edition
    12. Have You Played... Faust?
    13. I pray for modders to fix Red Dead Redemption 2
    14. Warcraft 3: Reforged aiming to support all original mods
    15. Red Dead Redemption 2: Rock Carvings locations guide
    16. Sonic is a real cutie pie in Soulcalibur 6
    17. Red Dead Redemption 2: Gold Bar money glitch guide
    18. The Blackout Club is more about fun than frights
    1. Fortnite's mysterious cube 'Kevin' has exploded in a live event
    2. Football Manager 2019 has a demo and all
    3. Blizzard repeat they're working on 'multiple unannounced Diablo projects'
    4. The Sunday Papers
    1. Into The Breach deploys controller support
    2. BlizzCon's Diablo announcement was a mobile game, not Diablo 4 (obvs)
    3. Fallout 76 beta players have received extra keys to share
    4. Priceless Play - 2nd November 2018
    5. What are we all playing this weekend?
    1. Heavy Burger blends up a weird 80s arcade smoothie today
    2. Rainbow Six Siege cuts skeletons and gambling in maps across all regions
    3. Warcraft III: Reforged revamping Blizzard's classic RTS
    4. Rastakhan's Rumble takes Hearthstone trolling in a new expansion
    5. World Of Warcraft Classic launches free for all WoW subscribers in summer 2019
    6. Overwatch's next character is lady gunslinger Ashe
    7. Heroes Of The Storm is adding an original character, Orphea
    8. Destiny 2 free for keepsies if you grab it now
    9. Rust adds hot air balloons and some explosive ways to pop them
    10. Philips 276E9QJAB review: HDR-like colours with none of the fuss
    11. Further adventures in cowboy land: I got a hat
    12. Monster Hunter: World Kulve Taroth: how to fight it, what is its weakness
    13. Assassin's Creed Odyssey presents a ‘softer’ version of slavery
    14. Fallout 76 lockpicking: upgrading your lockpicking skill
    15. Fallout 76 terminal hacking: upgrading your hacking skill
    16. Have You Played... Faith?
    17. Deltarune isn't in the Undertale world, will take a while to finish
    18. The Flare Path: History or Victory?
    19. The Foxer
    20. Cod Blops 4 will soon add microtransactions
    21. Hearthstone: Rastakhan's Rumble pre-order guide
    22. Payday 2 raids the White House in new heist
    23. Fallout 76 beta: finding life, and Mothman's butt, in the wilderness
    1. Phoenix Point features gruesome new mutant beasts in its latest trailer
    2. Kongregate's new games store Kartridge is open for business
    3. Sunset Overdrive rated for a Windows PC release by the ESRB
    4. Wot I Think: Football Manager 2019
    5. The sky's the limit in pretty puzzle adventure Omno
    6. FMV brawler The Quiet Man out now
    7. HP Omen Reactor review: A great gaming mouse let down by its software
    8. Deltarune Chapter 1 is the free and surprising start of a new Undertale saga
    9. Assassin's Creed Odyssey travelogue
    10. Assassin's Creed Odyssey adds new story for free
    11. Murloc Mage deck list guide - Rastakhan - Hearthstone (December 2018)
    12. Assassin's Creed Odyssey skills: how to unlock the best abilities
    13. Assassin's Creed Odyssey romance: how to seduce all the NPCs
    14. Assassin's Creed Odyssey horse skins: how to get the unicorn
    15. Have you played… Hive?
    16. Battlefield V system requirements locked in
    17. The eeriest places in games are the ones where the environment is the monster
    18. Just Cause 4 system requirements confirmed
    19. Fortnite adds balloons, might be about to send off Kevin