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This War Of Mine expansion The Last Broadcast is out now

Radio free misery

They say truth is the first casualty of war, which makes This War Of Mine's latest expansion - The Last Broadcast - equivalent to playing on hard mode. Not only do you have to cope with the usual dangers of keeping a band of civilians alive and safe through a brutal, messy war, but this expansion has players riding the razor's edge - uncovering and reporting the truth through it all. It's the second of 11 Bit's three season pass scenarios, and introduces new systems, characters, locations and dilemmas to the uncompromising survival scenario. A trailer reportedly lies below.

The Last Broadcast seems an especially interesting spin on the This War Of Mine formula. While the base game asked you to make some tough choices for your own group of survivors, you've got more than your own people relying on you this time. In order to keep people safe, you'll have to report on (to give one example) where enemy snipers have been targeting civilian traffic. Or you can choose not to, if you don't want to earn the ire of an increasingly brutal military. You'll have to risk your own people to go out and gather more information, too - being the good guy is hard.

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Even though it's all part of a season pass, it's still good to see 11 Bit still expanding on This War Of Mine while still juggling new content for Frostpunk. Between those two games and the apocalyptic Anomaly series, they've really made a name for themselves as the 'depressing and tough choices' studio. It's been a while since the previous season pass release, too. The Father's Promise (the first of the three) launched exactly one year ago now. I wonder if the third and final expansion (not counting side-scenario The Little Ones) will be out this time in 2019?

This War Of Mine is available on Steam, Humble and GOG, though 70% off right now on Steam, bringing it down to  £4.50/€4.70/$6. The season pass costs £5.19/€6.99/$6.99, or you can pick up The Last Broadcast by itself for £2.99/€3.99/$3.99.

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