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This War Of Mine gets Final Cut, five years on

More grim and fancy than ever

Five years after launching This War Of Mine, developers 11 Bit Studios today gave the grim besieged survival sim a honking great free update they're calling the Final Cut. It adds new locations and a new scenario to the base game, it retouches old locations, and it polishes a few technical bits and pieces, all for free. Tidy.

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What have we got? The new locations from the 'Stories' series of expansions are now available to all players and have new quests and events. The original locations are "remastered". One new classic scenario is in, as is a new character. Support for 21:9 screens resolutions is in and the UI is tweaked to be better on 4K screens. And other bits have been tweaked and fixed. See the patch notes for more info.

"We wanted to put the last touch to this phenomenon," 11 Bit art director Przemyslaw Marszał said in today's announcement. "The phenomenon, which made us who we are today as a team, equally in terms of creative fearlessness and business direction, and helped us pave our further way. Fantastic support from the gaming community was a huge part of that success, so it was without any doubt that this update must be free. We think of the Final Cut as a closing episode to the one-of-a-kind series This War of Mine has been. It will remain precious to our hearts and I don’t know what ideas the future will bring but Final Cut is final by no means. The creative minds in our studio, who were with the game up to this point, started to pursue new challenges. So we're excited about what's coming."

This War Of Mine certainly made their name. Before it, they made Anomaly, a series of games riffing on tower defence. I quite like Anomaly but it's hardly known. Now they're famed for grim and gritty survival shenanigans, between this and 2018's colony sim Frostpunk. Our former Alec (RPS in peace) found this one just a bit too grim in his This War Is Mine review back in 2014.

The update is now live. The base game and its expansions (except the charity fundraiser DLC) have discounts on Steam and GOG for a few days too.

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