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Frostpunk announces vague flurry of post-release content

Icing on the release state

Frostpunk has quite a fandom here at RPS. Even if the game hadn't been good, we would still have given it coverage because we enjoy going Full Mr. Freeze with headlines like "Frostpunk ventures out into the cold" and my personal favorite "There's snow hope in this new Frostpunk trailer" which I'm borderline mad about. Look, I'd never do anything like that in my headlines. Luckily, we don't have to keep talking about wordplay, because Frostpunk's tremendous sales out of the gate mean post-release content isn't stuck in a freeze.

Please don't go.

There's a lot to love about Frostpunk. Xalavier Nelson Jr reviewed the game for RPS and I really cannot overstate what an excellent, funny, bleak, good bit of games writing it is. It sold me completely on picking up a copy of the game ASAP while also hitting on some of the more complicated issues the survival world-building sim faces. I can't remember the last time I read a review twice in a week, so like, highest recommendation here. (Although a real missed opportunity for a This Child In Mines joke. Sorry Xalavier. Sorry everyone.)

We've also written previously about how the game is set to be exceptionally mod friendly. Opening up this tundra survival nightmare to the whims of the community sounds like we're bound for some truly bizarre changes.

The devs put up an announcement on Steam yesterday with some vague information on what happens next. You can read the entire thing here, but the major takeaway is that they want players to know (thanks to great sales numbers) that 11 Bit Studios is getting directly into expansions for the game.

First out of the gate is some bug/crash fixes, obviously, and then getting into endless/sandbox modes. For folks hitting issues with getting the game to load at all, or flaws that are too big to ignore, they've released a robust Support Guide. Beyond that, if you've got a cool idea you'd like to see in the game, feel free to share it but, you know, understand that this is an indie team working to fully stabilize the game right now -- so please don't be pushy about your neat proposition.

11 Bit Studios also promise to release a less vague roadmap to all of this work in the near future. You can pick up the game on Steam right here. I'm looking forward to seeing how the game expands and continues to hurt my feelings in a super engaging way.

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