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Demolition puzzler Cefore blasts out of early access today

It's okay to look at explosions. Nobody cool here.

Blowing stuff up is fun, but blowing stuff up carefully is an art seldom explored by games. Pixelz's cute physics puzzler Cefore asks its players to blow everything up, but to do it like a professional - you're trying to recover specific blocks, after all, and you can't do that if you've blown them off the edge of the map.  It's been lurking around in early access for a while, and available direct from the developers since before then. Today's launch version includes more environments, more levels and a last polish-up on its level sharing system, which is the focus of the video below.

Reminding me a little bit of Boom Blox (one of the Wii's most underrated games - try it if you get the chance), the player's goal in Cefore is to bring the glowing target blocks to the ground-level goal area. This usually involves careful application of explosives, although there's some other creative gadgets you can use. Grappling hooks, hot air balloons, rocket engines and little drone cars  are options in some levels but you'll mostly be carefully placing explosive charges, getting to safety and then watching as everything comes tumbling down, hopefully in the right direction.

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Our regular purveyor of Unknown Pleasures, Sin Vega, had some nice things to say about the game shortly after it entered early access. The main problem at the time was a lack of content, which seems to be fully addressed now. The launch version includes more environments, another ten levels and full Steam Workshop support, letting folks create whole new levels (or just spectacular physics showcases) with the included editor, then inflict them on the rest of the internet. Whether there'll be enough players making stuff to fill out the game is the question now.

Cefore is out now on Steam and Humble for £5.67/€7.99/$7.99 for its first week, and £8/€10/$10 after that. It is published by Crytivo.

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