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Fallout 76 fell down, but got back up

Country roads, take me home

After Fallout 76 launched early, it did fall down (76). In the wee hours of today, following its 'official' launch at midnight worldwide, Bethesda's post-apocalyptic multiplayer sandbox experienced a bit of server meltdown, causing disconnection problems for some players. Oh sure, maybe you can survive the irradiated wastelands and the griefers trying to nuke your base, but you can't run from technical issues. Thankfully, Bethesda say the problem was corrected and it ssshould now be running smoothly. But you, player dear, if you want to tweak things like the field of view angle and depth of field effect, you'll need to get your hands dirty yourself.

"With servers available worldwide, we're looking into disconnect issues that are currently happening," Fallout's Twitter account murmured in the middle of the night.

"Issues with the servers should now be resolved," they said later. "If you're still experiencing issues, please try accessing the game again. Thank you for your patience."

That's on their end. On our end, players have been rummaging in config files to dig out and tweak things not exposed in the game's options menu.

This Reddit thread covers changing FoV, various blurs, mouse acceleration, and more. Some of it is speculative and some of it wasn't quite right (see this follow-up for more on FoV) but there's some handy stuff in there.

We've sent several members of the RPS team out into the wasteland to scavenge for #content, leaving me Overseer of the treehouse with the key to the biscuit tin. Words, videos, and general larking about are on their way, but for now do check out our Fallout 76 guide and some of our Matthew's thoughts and experiences from the pre-launch beta below.

Or if you want to get away from Fallout, hey, check out our Apocalypse Day and Post-Apocalypse Day to see many other ends of the worlds.

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