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The Fallout TV show gave the Fallout games a huge player bump, as everyone remembers they like Fallout

Fallout 4, New Vegas and 76 have more than doubled their players on Steam

Walton Goggins as The Ghoul in Amazon's Fallout TV show
Image credit: Amazon

Crawl out through the fallout, baby! I've watched two episodes of Amazon's recently released Fallout TV show, a series for and about Walton Goggins' rizz (a thing the kids say). I've been on the Goggins hype train for over a decade at this point, and it's great that - oh sorry, I'm being told that the Fallout TV show is in fact about Bethesda's post-nukepocalypse RPG series of video games, and as such has given a massive player bump to said video games on Steam.

Posted on Xitter by SteamDB yesterday (HT to our pals at Eurogamer), it appears Fallout has more than doubled its concurrent players on Steam since the show dumped all its episodes last week.

Steam DB's Xeet compared only Fallout 4, New Vegas and live service 'em up Fallout 76, but you can give it a check to see that even the older, pre-thesda Fallouts and Fallout 3 have had a big jump. The very first Fallout has gone from about 250 players a week ago to 2300. It could be some people have decided to go back and play the whole series from the start, which is certainly an endeavour. Not as large as the endeavour to remake Fallout 2 in Fallout 4, which is still going on and looks pretty impressive.

Those are, though, obviously less impressive, perhaps even rookie numbers when compared to Fallout 4 hitting almost 60k players - probably because it exists at the intersection of not being an MMO, which puts some people off, and being the game most like the TV show. Plus Bethesda just announced a new and entirely coincidental update for Fallout 4, going on for a decade after it first released. This doesn't as Nic observes in that news post, appear to be the "next gen update" that was delayed last year.

Honestly, I've considered playing a bit of Fallout 3 or 4 since the show started, and I would have if I didn't have a bunch of other obligations forced on me, mostly by you people. Anyone else dive back in? Made a weird baby to get kidnapped? Made friends with any number of robots? The Fallout show is streaming on Amazon now, and it's true what they say: s'alright, innit.

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