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Don’t expect Fallout 1 and 2 remakes from Bethesda any time soon - Todd wouldn’t want to “paste over” their charm

“I think I'd like people to experience it the way it was”

A farm scene in Fallout 2
Image credit: Bethesda Softworks

Like many I’m sure, I have extremely fond memories of the original Fallout games, 2 especially. I bought my first laptop for uni, barely suitable for much except typing long literature essays in which I’d complete assignments using my favorite university trick of writing “ah, but to answer this question, we must first explore (whatever I actually wanted to write an essay about.)” Faltering, bricky turnip that it was, I still had some of my favourite gaming memories on that thing, mainly around aging RPGs: Baldur’s Gate 2, Planescape: Torment, and the old Fallouts.

Well, old gaming memories are precious, agreed the man who re-released Skyrim 18,000 times, as he shared a heartwarming “don’t mess with the classics” message in a recent interview with MrMattyPlays, via PC Gamer.

“A main priority for us is to make sure they're available and you can still play them on the PC, and making sure that they run OK. As far as beyond that, we've talked about it, but our priorities in terms of 'Hey let's go do dev work and make certain things work', they haven't been in those areas, so again priority is 'can people load it up and play it?'"

And I do think we want [the games] to load up and run well," says Howard. "The rest of it… I could argue that some of the charm of games from that era and the original Fallout is a little bit of that age. I would never want to sort of paste over some of that with, 'Well we changed how this works so it's more modern….as long as you can download it, as long as it loads up and runs, I think I'd like people to experience it the way it was."

Oh Todd, you silver-tongued diplomat. This is a very long way to say “we don’t want to remake the mission where you become a fluffer at a porn studio and possibly catch an STD,” but I appreciate the sentiment. Elsewhere in the interview, Howard spoke about the future of Starfield DLCs after Shattered Space releases - they’re planning on at least one more.

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