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Redout: Space Assault channels Rogue Squadron in its debut video

Not the last starfighter, nor the first

There was once a time when space combat games were rare - now there's so many out or upcoming that I feel Redout: Space Assault looks merely nice in its first preview footage today, rather than something to get trembilngly excited over. First teased back in June, it's a spinoff from 34BigThings's Redout, a hovercar racer that played like a blend of F-Zero and Wipeout. Today's footage gives us our first peek at the game in action, and it reminds me a lot of Factor 5's Rogue Squadron games on the Gamecube. Take a space-age peek for yourself at some dogfighting below

With so many other studios going the 'space sim' route, it's interesting to see a studio shooting for a more arcadey style. Enemy fighters appear numerous and pop after a just a couple direct hits from aim-assisted main guns, or any missile hit. The explosions are pleasantly fiery, although I'm not too convinced by the sound of the weapons - I guess Star Wars has conditioned me to expect lasers to go PEW PEW. While probably truncated up for the purpose of a short trailer, the enemy capital ship popping after just two attack runs felt a bit anticlimactic, too. Nice explosion though.

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Probably the most surprising part of this footage is their choice to use the Redout name for this new game. Aside from the little bit of tunnel-flying as the player makes their way into the mission area, there's not much here that resembles its anti-gravity racing predecessor. 34BigThings do mention that the game is geared towards multiplayer, despite including a single-player story mode. To this day, I can't think of many multiplayer space combat games that have kept players coming back for any real length of time. I'm hoping that 34BigThings manage to change that.

Redout: Space Assault is due out in the first quarter of 2019. You can find it here on Steam, and an official fact-sheet here, along with a few more screenshots.

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