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Lunastra stretches her wings in Monster Hunter: World next week

The New World's hottest power couple

Don't let the blue sparkles and cool demeanour fool you - Monster Hunter: World's next permanent addition, Lunastra, is even more fiery than her mate Teostra. Announced today, this new dragon will be coming to Monster Hunter: World on Thursday, November 22nd. Unlike the last update, which gave us a time-limited (though due to reoccur) battle against Kulve Talvoth, she'll be a new and constant threat, and frequently paired with her other half, opening up new and powerful tag-team attacks for the duo. Below, the original console trailer for this blue meanie.

While very similar in build to Teostra, Lunastra has a nearly completely different set of abilities and attacks, starting with those pretty blue sparkles. Turns out they're super-heated, and just being near them is enough to cause heat damage, so you'll have to pack cool drinks. Oh, and fire causes the sparks to explode, so don't use that. Given that her mate, Teostra, spews fire constantly, this can be very bad news if you fight them together, as their unique Special Bond attack can cause a massive, very deadly explosion. It must be love - they've got a real special spark going there.

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Lunastra is classified as an Elder Dragon, which means that she can probably beat you up and take your lunch money unless you're packing full fire-resist gear. As with every other monster, Lunastra's shiny bits can be turned into a full set of weapons, armour and Palico gear - the rather fetching and blue Empress line, to be precise. Accompanying the new beastie is a nice new update for the game, making depth of field and vignette effects optional (for those who want a clean and sharp look), support for 5-button mice and better keyboard rebinding options. All good tweaks

The next patch and Lunastra will be arriving on November 22nd, next Thursday. You can check out the early update notes here. You can also check out Dave Irwin's guide on the other upcoming monsters here.

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