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Have You Played... Monster Hunter: World?

The hammer makes me smile

I fell off Monster Hunter: World a bit. I'm not really sure why, I think it's just because other games came out and I got swept up in them instead. But now I want to go back, but not really for the hunting or the exploring or the monsters. No, it's all about the hammer for me.

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Now the hammer in Monster Hunter: World is a bulbous sphere on a stick. They're like enormous Chupa Chups expressly built for bonking monsters. The size of these things make them slow and unwieldy, but that's what I like about them. You have this agonising wind-up, then after what seems like an age, it's unleashed in an earth-shattering BONK. Crash your hammer into a monster's skull and you'll knock it to the floor instantly, such is their power.

And you also get this slight delay when you crunch a monster with a hammer - or any weapon, really - in Monster Hunter: World. This split-second where you're given a chance to relish your large Chupa Chup rattle the soul out of a monster's thick skin. I live for it, I'm telling you.

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