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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne's final update will add a big dragon, Fatalis

And another adorable Palico

The fifth and final free title update for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will arrive on the 1st of October, Capcom have announced, adding one last megamonster to mash. The big, bad, black dragon Fatalis is coming back, complete with the ruined castle where it's historically fought in Monster Hunter. Yes, absolutely you'll be able to turn Fatalis into a fetching jacket. You'll also be able to dress your Palico as Fatalis, and the little catfriend jogging around a big doofy dragon costume does look delightful.

So, Fatalis. The black dragon will once again be fought in its traditional battleground of Castle Schrade, complete with gadgets like the cannons and pop-out Dragonator spikes. Squish Fatalis and you'll get to carve it up into new armour and weapons and such, which do look quite fancy. And the Fatalis look for your Palico, which even wields a ragdolling wee Hunter and its sword, is too much for my fragile heart to bear.

Look at those little legs go! What a perfect creature.

The Hunter gang confirmed in a video dev diary on Friday that yup, this will be Iceborne's final free content update, though events will continue to run after it. Other plans for the update include finally unlocking all of the layered armour sets, adding new pendants to decorate your weapons, and new decorations for your room.

Ahead of the Fatalis update, old seasonal events have started to return for a fortnight each in a "Fest Rush". The Christmas event it live until Thursday the 3rd of September, then it's the Appreciation Fest from the 4th to 17th of September, and Spring Blossom from the 18th to 30th. One new event quest set in the Seliana Supply Cache is coming each week ahead of launch too, starting on the 11th of September. Here are some of the devs to explain more about the update, events, and how pleased that are with Monster Hunter World:

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