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Destiny 2 free for keepsies if you grab it now

Pow pow

Activision are giving Destiny 2 away for free right now, yours to keep if you grab it before November 18th. This is the base edition of Bungie's multiplayer looter-shooter, not including its expansions, but that's still a huge hunk of game. And I suppose handy as a demo to see if you want to keep up to speed by buying the DLC. I never played the first Destiny on console so I wasn't interested when the series debuted on PC with the sequel; now, yeah, go on, I'll give that a go. I hear it has good dancing. And people mutter eerily about "gunfeel." What's up with that.

Bungie and Activision announced the freebie just ahead of BlizzCon's start today. No, Blizzard don't make Destiny 2, but it does run through their client on PC.

Fire up the client and you should get a little message saying "In celebration of one year of Destiny on we want to gift you a copy of Destiny 2." Click the claim button there and it'll add it to your account, ready to be downloaded. Or hit the gifts page. If you're creating a new account especially to grab this, you will first need to enable Blizzard SMS Protect on it.

Activision have become fairly generous with Destiny 2. They recently started bundling the latest expansion with the DLC packs it required players to have. That was partially Activision correcting a foolish decision but hey, I suppose it works in our favour. Unless you bought the DLCs just for the expansion, in which case you just get some cosmetic doodads in apology.

Hey, tell me about Destiny 2 characters. I remember the Hunter class sound pretty neat as a showboating idiot with giant sci-fi revolvers? I can dig that.

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