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Destiny 2

2 weeks ago

Give Shaxx your Crucible tokens while you still can, Guardians

You know those thousands of tokens you've earned playing Destiny 2 PvP? You should spend them now, because they'll turn into trash when Bungie revamp the progression system next season. Last night they announced plans to bin tokens and introduce a progression track offering Upgrade Modules, Enchantment Prisms, Exotics, and other bits as we rank up. That sounds better but now I've got a lot…

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Riot and Bungie join forces to sue Valorant and Destiny 2 cheatmakers

Riot Games and Bungie have teamed up to sue a pesky cheatmaker who's been selling hacks for their games, Valorant and Destiny 2 (amongst others). In a joint lawsuit filed by the companies on Friday, they accuse GatorCheats of selling and distributing "malicious software products designed to enable members of the public to gain unfair competitive advantage."

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1 month ago

Destiny’s premier dance troupe stage a Christmas spectacular

I don't want a lot for Christmas, but I certainly am glad to receive the gift of a new Destiny dance performance from Husky Raid. This group of players have thrilled and delighted with hot moves and clever staging in their "Saw something weird..." machinima videos for five years, and their latest weird encounter is fittingly festive. Come, pour yourself a steaming mug of egg…

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2 months ago

Destiny 2’s raid race was delightfully brutal

The best time to play a Destiny raid is as soon as it launches. Before the puzzles are solved, the bosses cheesed, the builds optimised, and the surprises spoiled, get in and discover it for yourself. Raids are extra brutal at launch because the first 24 hours are under a special 'Contest Mode' making enemies so much tougher while players race for the world's first…

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Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s first raid, Deep Stone Crypt, has opened

Along with a half-dozen planets and countless weapons and armour, Destiny 2: Beyond Light made us say goodbye to the game's existing raids - so it's about time it added a new one of its own. Thee Deep Stone Crypt opens its doors today, letting you put all that hard-earned Europan gear to the test in the expansion's first real endgame challenge. Or, alternatively, get…

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Feature: The best games in the whole wide world

The 35 best ultrawide games on PC

Ultrawide gaming monitors are the kind of hardware that might seem too excessive, maybe even a bit too gamer to bother with for playing games on PC, especially when their demanding resolutions often require powerful graphics cards to make the most of them. Once you try one, though, there's no going back. I've been a big fan of ultrawide gaming monitors for years now, mostly…

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Destiny warlocks are rudely one-shotting bosses with the power of darkness

Destiny 2: Beyond Light finally lets our Guardians touch the darkness. But perhaps it shouldn't have, because it's gone and corrupted the game's space wizards with the power to completely break any encounter Bungie throws at them. Ahead of the expansion's first raid opening later this month, Warlocks have figured out how to use their stasis powers to instantly evaporate Destiny's deadliest baddies.

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Destiny 2’s Trials Of Osiris are on hold for two weeks

So, you've just beaten Destiny 2: Beyond light, powered up your Guardian with the slickest gear, and feel ready to take on the world in high-stakes wizard PVP. Well, I hate to break it to you, but you'll just have to wait a few more weeks. Due to an unidentified issue, Bungie have benched Destiny 2's Trials of Osiris for the next two weeks, bringing…

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3 months ago

Destiny 2: Beyond Light feels like someone else’s school reunion

In the run-up to yesterday's launch of Destiny 2: Beyond Light, many players were excited for the return of familiar people and places. Will Randal the Vandal be up to his old tricks? Will the Exo Stranger say what she said six years ago? But Destiny 1 wasn't on PC so I didn't play it, and I feel like I've turned up to someone else's…

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I missed Destiny 2’s coolest reward because I just had to be a scrub

In the dying days of Destiny 2's latest season, I blew my last shot at its coolest reward by blowing my own face off like a scrub. It's not a fancy gun or hat that's so coveted, simply a decoration for your menus. If you dove into the neon tunnels and metaphysical deserts of the Prophecy dungeon and completed the three-player challenge by yourself without…

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Destiny 2’s pre-expansion live event might have been nice if I could see it, idk

After a short goodbye event live in-game last night, Bungie have shut down Destiny 2's servers to roll out the new expansion, Beyond Light. The event was only small, just a little flourish as Darkness closed around the solar system and locked off several areas for the foreseeable future. I think. But it seemed nice. From what I've seen. I wouldn't know myself because I,…

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Destiny 2’s ramen lovers want Bungie to immortalise their favourite dish

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is almost here - and when it does, it's throwing a whole lotta junk out of players' inventories. Schematics, treasure maps, and even Expired Ramen Coupons are all on the chopping block, but it's the last of those three that's got some guardians all riled up. While I'm not even sure if Destiny's gun-wizards can eat, there's an apparent sentimental value…

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Destiny fashionistas, it’s safe to stop hoarding looks for transmog

Fashionistas of The Last City, you may breath a sigh of relief and begin clearing out your wardrobe: Bungie have confirmed that Destiny 2's upcoming transmogrification won't require us to hold the original item. The workings of the transmog system are still largely unknown but game director Luke Smith did say last night that yes, if we want to duplicate a garment's look and apply…

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Destiny 2’s next season brings back Uldren Sov as an ally, and I feel hope for its future

The man who killed our pal Cayde-6 will return to Destiny 2 with Season Of The Hunt, Bungie revealed today. Well, the Guardian reanimated from the corpse of the man who killed Cayde will. It's complicated. Spacemagic. With the Beyond Light expansion now two weeks away, Bungie today released a new video documentary gabbing about its development and laying out more of their plans for…

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4 months ago

Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s new intro for newbies sounds good, as does reducing armour mod faff

While Destiny 2 welcomed a whole lot of new players when it went free-to-play last October, it didn't do much more than open the door and gesture broadly in the direction of a 100-person party raging across every room of the house. New players are dropped in at the deep end, and it's not fun. So it's good to hear more of Bungie's plans for…

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A chainsword, a gun firing bullets from another timeline, and Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s other new Exotics

We should have been playing Destiny 2: Beyond Light by now, but while the expansion's delayed to November we can at least gawp at some of its gear and imagine how cool it might be to use. The answer is: quite cool. Bungie today detailed the new Exotic-quality weapons and armour coming in Beyond Light, and some sound powerful, some sound like they'll open up…

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You’ll need to download Destiny 2 again for Beyond Light, to save space

This was to be the week Bungie launched Destiny 2: Beyond Light but, like everything else this year, the expansion ended up delayed. This week has at least brought news about installing Beyond Light come November, both good and bad. Good news: thanks to some revamped technoguts, the game should take up less drive space and Bungie should be able to patch any urgent problems…

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Destiny 2’s Grandmaster Nightfall is a fun challenge this week and paying double rewards

If you're short on upgrade materials in Destiny 2, you fancy building a stockpile ahead of the new expansion, or you just enjoy a challenge, this week has a fun opportunity to farm for huge rewards. The Lake Of Shadows mission is giving double rewards in Nightfall: The Ordeal mode until Tuesday, and I recommend having a go on a high difficult level. Lake cranked…

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5 months ago

Hunters are Destiny’s most popular class, but by less than I’d guess

Bungie this week confirmed something everyone basically already knew: Destiny has more Hunters than any other class. 38% of Guardians are Hunters and I mean, of course, we're the best. Bungie blasted this stat among others in celebration of Destiny's sixth birthday yesterday, which I suppose we can still mark on PC even if the first game never came over. Honestly, I'm a little surprised…

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Destiny 2’s city in the sky is wasted on the Solstice event

This is the final weekend of Destiny 2's Solstice Of Heroes, an annual summer event which celebrates how great we are by levitating a slice of city into the sky to host a special event mode. This European Aerial Zone is a fantastic level, full of pathways bouncing across rooftops and burrowing deep into labyrinthine buildings - a type of space we don't see much…

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