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Destiny 2

2 weeks ago

Destiny 2 has added another secret quest for a fancy gun

A new secret mission snuck into Destiny 2 with last night's update, leading to the kind of reward those good-time Guardians prize above all: an Exotic-class weapon powered by things we know are forbidden for very good reasons but can't resist because they make nice noises and lights. In the case of Outbreak Perfected, the new kinetic pulse rifle, it can shoot self-replicating nanites to…

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1 month ago

Destiny 2’s festive fizzy pop will continue ruining PvP for weeks

Grenade-spamming Guardians giddy on magical spacepop will continue to muck up Destiny 2 PvP for the next three weeks, Bungie have confirmed, saying they're unable to easily disable the special event item that's causing trouble. The Reveler's Tonic arrived in Destiny this week as part of the MMOFPS's colourful spring event, The Revelry, and can give players huge boosts to ability recharge rates. With the…

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Destiny 2’s Revelry event celebrates spring and trashes PvP

Spring has sprung across the ruins of humanity's future, and those good-time Guardians of The Last City are celebrating the only way they know how: hanging decorations, goofing off, collecting big guns, touching any weird stuff they think might give them special powers, and shooting monsters in exchange for prizes. Destiny 2 last night launched its new spring event, The Revelry, sending players on an…

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Destiny 2’s Arc Week brought an exclusive shock

Bungie last night kicked off Destiny 2's 'Arc Week', which is mostly fancy theming around a balance patch addressing underpowered electrical abilities and pointlessly rare drops. It also brought an actual surprise: players were getting Wavesplitter, a top-notch weapon that has so far been exclusive to PlayStation 4. Had Bungie escaping the clutches of Activision also meant they'd evaded the exclusivity deal? Are we getting…

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2 months ago

Destiny 2 making frustratingly rare loot more common

Guardians still chasing godroll guns, rare loot for achievements and titles, or a deathray built from spacedragon bones should soon find themselves a little less frustrated, as Bungie plan to remove or reduce the randomisation that's stopping us from getting goodies in Destiny 2. The MMOFPS's weekly content reshuffle has given many players long and frustrating waits for specific activities to get items they want,…

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Feature: GPUs and HDR explained

What graphics card do I need for HDR and what PC games support it?

HDR on PC continues to be a bit of a mess these days, but provided you haven't been put off by the astronomical prices of the [block id="604469" title="Best gaming monitor"]s for HDR or, indeed, the ongoing debacle surrounding Windows 10 support for it, then the next step on your path to high dynamic range glory is to get an HDR compatible graphics card. Below, you'll find a…

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Destiny 2 experimenting with story choices and consequences

Some interesting new bits trickled into Destiny 2 as the new season of paid Annual Pass content really starts rolling, including a quest where we get to pick sides - a tiny hint of a possible future with branching stories. While the consequences are minor right now, Bungie do tease that it "may impact future content." I'm up for that. 'Invitations of the Nine' quests…

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Windows 10 fixes its recent game performance bug

Microsoft have blasted out a Windows 10 patch to fix a bug which was causing poor performance in games for many people. Destiny 2 is the only game Microsoft name as an example, though it seems to have hit many more. This problem was introduced in update KB4482887, released on March 1st, and Microsoft had advised affected players to uninstall the update and wait for…

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3 months ago

Transmat firing! Destiny 2 starts Season of the Drifter

Today's a big day in the distant future, with new competitive and cooperative modes arrived in Destiny 2 for Annual Pass holders. The 'Season of the Drifter' brings Gambit Prime, an advanced and end-game version of Forsaken's PvEvP mode, along with a PvE wave survival mode which gives powerful new gear for Gambit Prime. This season's all about our cool deadbeat crimeuncle, who's drifted back…

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Destiny 2 adds goodies free and premium next week in Season Of The Drifter

New places to go, new gear to hoard, a heavy focus on the PvPvE Gambit mode and the return of the universe's most hated pistol - Thorn - are at the heart of Destiny 2's next season of updates. The first parts of Season Of The Drifter kick off next Tuesday, March 5th, with the introduction of Gambit Prime, a more focused, single-round variant of…

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Destiny 2 shaking up Gambit mode for Season of the Drifter

Big changes are coming to Destiny 2's PvEvP mode, Gambit, with the goals of speeding up matches and adding a little spice. The MMOFPS's next dose of content, the Season of the Drifter, kicks off in March so it's only right that Bungie are giving needed attention to the mode the Drifter oversees. The third round of matches will cut straight to the boss battle,…

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Activision Blizzard prioritise profit over people, laying off around 800 employees

Not content with what Activision CEO Bobby Kotick referred to as “record results” in an earnings call yesterday, the World of Warcraft and Call of Duty publisher has begun plans to layoff 8% of its total employees. That’s around 800 people out of work, many of them speculated to be “among the company’s lowest earners”.

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4 months ago

Destiny 2’s Groundhog Day curse is a neat touch that’s easy to miss

For almost half a year, parts of Destiny 2's world have been trapped in a time loop, our actions and adventures having no real impact as the same events unfold every time the three-week cycle starts over. While rotating quests is standard for many MMOs, and indeed Destiny 2, the curse cycle of the Dreaming City is actually a story quietly unfolding. You may have…

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Destiny 2 gets in The Last Word

A revered weapon returned in a big Destiny 2 update last night, the honking great hand cannon of legend, The Last Word. It may be the fancy headline feature, and quietly nudge parts of the story along too, but the update's also notable for a huge number of balance tweaks. Some abilities are toned down, some powered up, and some somehow made even worse, while…

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Bungie look towards Destiny’s “bright future” post-Activision

While we still don't know what Bungie plan to do differently with Destiny now they've wrested their MMOFPS series out the clutches out Activision, franchise director Luke Smith has muttered cryptically about seeing "a bright future, with roots in a memorable past." He drops a few references that have some fans dreaming real big about what might come, but it's still all hazy. In the…

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Bungie split with Activision to self-publish Destiny

After a little over eight years, Bungie are to split from publisher Activision and take the Destiny series of online shooters with them. Bungie say that this includes transferring full publishing rights back to themselves. Whether this means anything for players purchasing and launching the game via is yet unknown, but they state in their announcement that "Bungie and Activision are both committed to…

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Destiny 2’s final Black Armory Forge opened early after puzzle stumped players

After what was meant to be an exciting community challenge to solve a puzzle and unlock a new part of Destiny 2 turned into a frustrating grind, Bungie caved and unlocked it last night. All players with the MMO-y FPS's Forsaken expansion and its further season pass can now make weapons in Bergusia Forge, which also brings quests for new toys. The puzzle of Niobe…

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Destiny 2’s fourth Black Armory Forge has… not opened for business

The rediscovery and reignition of Destiny 2's fourth and final Black Armory Forge, the climax of the current season of paid content, has stalled because the puzzle to unlock it has players stumped. Bergusia Forge will let players craft new weapons but it'll only be opened once players--any players--solve a long and complex puzzle sequence involving ciphers, runes, invisible ink, translating French quotes, and a…

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5 months ago

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Overwatch, Destiny 2 and Heroes Of The Storm

They must have been shipping eggnog, mistletoe, tinsel and other festive goodies to the Blizzard store in bulk, as they're kicking off seasonal events in multiple games today. Team FPS Overwatch and crossover MOBA Heroes Of The Storm are getting especially daft for the season, while Bungie are playing it a little more straight in shoot n' looter Destiny 2. Not that they haven't found…

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6 months ago

Bring back Destiny 2’s big boss bug

Good bugs are more funny than irritating; the best bugs reveal beautiful possibilities. After Crusader Kings II players found a way to rule Europe with a dynasty of horses, Paradox eventually made animal kingdoms a feature. Civilization has embraced the bug which made Mahatma "An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind" Gandhi deploy a nuclear arsenal. Movement bugs like strafejumping in…

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