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Ultimate Audio Bang #22: have shooters become too demanding?

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On this week's episode of the Ultimate Audio Bang, we turn our attention to shooters and their demands. They all want our undivided attention and for Hayden and I, it's fast becoming a bit much. Believe it or not, we're adults with clothes to fold and ovens to pre-heat! Daily quests and inane challenges aren't bringing us back, if anything, they're beginning to drive us away.

Although, we do spin some positivity into the mix. We take a look at the shooters that get engagement right. Or at least, the games that we enjoy investing time in nowadays and why that's the case.

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Oh, and we recorded this pod a week early as Hayden is holidaying in an undisclosed - but definitely hot and sunny - location: most likely Paradise Palms from Fortnite. Anyway, yes, that's why we swap out any breaking news chat in favour of Neon White, the speedrunning-meets-anime FPS. Hayden's given it a whirl and has some thoughts.

Thanks as always for listening and stay tuned for our nostalgia-iffic Point Of Interest in the next episode!

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