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Ducks are coming to Battlefield V

Ok, I mean 'ducking'

Sorry, not those kind of ducks. Even better ducks! In a Battlefield first, as of Battlefield V's next patch you'll be able to dodge behind cover when you're in a tank's top gunner slot. It's one of those minor tweaks that could wind up having a major impact, encouraging more people to hop into bullet-spewing death machines. I imagine you'll still get sniped a lot, which I'm fine with as the person usually doing the sniping.

That's the news, pretty much. Now, I've got some beef with Origin and bugs.

The news comes via a Dice producer's response to this Reddit post. I can't find a date for when the patch will land: they could be saving it up for the first big Tides of War update on December 4th, or it could be in the next few days.

Right, now I want to complain about some stuff that's come up since my review. Firstly, in a fiendish bit of orchestration that cunningly meant they never got mentioned in Wot I Think, I've now brushed up against a fair few bugs. One was with mounted turrets, in fact, where my hand would cup empty air when I tried to zoom in and I couldn't see where I was aiming. There's also a menu that flat out crashes the game if you open it, reported on by Kotaku here.

Both of those are fleeting irritations compared to the ongoing shonkiness of Origin. I had a frustrating half hour where an update froze on completion the other day - googling eventually revealed it was probably still downloading stuff and just not telling me. Worse though, is that Origin is determined to ruin friendship. It's frustrating that as more and more emphasis gets placed on squad play, actually trying to play with friends can throw up roadblock after roadblock.

This could be because I was using a press account, but the other night it flat out refused to let me add any friends. This is going back to Battlefield bugs rather than Origin, but my friend also tells me that he and his pal got kicked out of their squad and onto different teams when queuing together.

I do hope this patch fixes more than just overly-vulnerable turret positions.

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