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Crusader Kings 2: Holy Fury can randomly generate a world of talking animals

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Credit to "quill18" for the image.

Crusader Kings 2 has always played fast and loose with historical accuracy, but the random world generator in its next expansion, Holy Fury (due tomorrow) lets Paradox really get wild. Covered over on PC Gamer by the familiar-sounding Fraser Brown, poking around in the world generation settings can reveal the hidden 'Animal Kingdom' option. It replaces most (if not all) humans with talking animals great, small and mythological. Elephant empires, dragon duchies and cat caliphates, oh my. Check out a feature roundup and a YouTuber's peek at this mode below.

While not confirmed yet, there have been hints that Holy Fury is set to be the last expansion for Crusader Kings 2. If so, then there's a lot worse they could do than this potentially literal swansong. The absurd Animal Kingdom mode is just the cherry on top. While ostensibly focused on the workings of western religion, the scope of Holy Fury is massive, and seems reflected in its higher price compared to other expansions. It introduces custom religions, pagan warrior lodges, weight gain (yes, really) and the chance to generate all-new worlds, empires, nations and histories.

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I admit that I've drifted away from Crusader Kings 2 for a while, but I'll almost certainly be returning for a weekend or two with this expansion. My wallet is already screaming at the potential damage I'm about to do to it, if I do choose to catch up on every expansion to date. Fully geared up, it's a game that would be obnoxiously complex were it not for the tight, personal scope of its storytelling. You're not trying to optimise every action and finish with a high score, but rather just leading a lone character ( Who can also now be a duck) through history however you see fit.

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A look at how to access this very silly mode from YouTuber "quill18", featuring the Blessed Dog Empire, who were presumably told by divine forces that they were all Good Dogs.

Crusader Kings 2: Holy Fury launches tomorrow, November 13th, on Steam, Humble and Paradox Plaza. It will cost £15.49/€19.99/$19.99.

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