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Assassin's Creed Odyssey Ainigmata Ostraka: all the clue solutions, the best engravings

Needles in haystacks

Engravings in Assassin's Creed Odyssey are attachments that you can apply to weapons and are earned in multiple different ways. You'll likely obtain most of them by increasing your level, or by completing key quests in the story. Yet the best ones that you can obtain take a lot more work on your part, usually by finding Ainigmata Ostraka and solving the riddles that they impart. Actually deciphering the solution to these puzzles is where things get obtuse, but is required for completing the game 100%. This guide has all the solutions to the Ainigmata Ostraka for all your completionist needs, as well as details on how to equip engravings.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Ainigmata Ostraka guide

Augmenting your equipment is a very good practice to get yourself into, even if it sounds like a minor improvement at best. However, if you're looking for more advice on the basics of Assassin's Creed Odyssey, then head over to our Assassin's Creed Odyssey guide for more information to get you up to speed.

Location for the Hound Docked Ostraka.

All the Ainigmata Ostraka clue solutions

With the odds stacked so against you, it's easy to just write it off for now and come back to it later when you're a little more prepared. This is the most optional part of the game, where only those who wish to complete everything may even dare to tread. Still, if you like a bit of a challenge, then solving the riddles requires a lot of familiarity with the game's world.

We've compiled a complete list of all the locations of the Anigimata Ostraka, and the engravings that are hidden throughout the world. Since each one has its own name, I recommend that you use the search functionality at the top of the table using its Ainigmata Ostraka name.

Ainigmata OstrakaTablet locationEngraving locationReward
Bottomless LakeMelissani Cave - KephaloniaKephalonia - lake in the middle of the island.Crit damage while full health +10%
Stone Cold"Beautiful monster" southwest of Korrinth - tip of the tongue.Valley of Judgement - Dead tree in front of Kephisos's Sanctuary.Crit damage while full health +20%
Procrastinate NowNaxos - Ariadne's FatePortata - north-west of Ariadne's Fate. Climb on top of the arch.Crit damage while full health +30%
Prophecy PreventionSpring of Piera - south of Forgotten Swamps. Climb waterfall and squeeze through the gap. Swim down and into a room with a chest. Drop down to the right to find the tablet. Statue of Kronos - north of the Hippodrome - left wing.Crit damage while full health +40%
Star-Crossed LoversAlkidas Fort - east of Petrified Valley - west of compound.Mouth of the river between Petrified Valley and Ancient Pearl on Lesbos. Broken wooden bridge next to a boat. Dive in and break the pots.Crit damage while full health +50%
Heart and SoleLeader house - Lokris. Table on the dock rear of house.Red Lake Bay - dive into the pool nearby.Crit damage while low health +10%
An Arm and a LegLeader House - Argos region - top of the tower/balcony.Sanctuary of Asklepios temple. Interact with urn in front of the statue.Crit damage while low health +20%
Estate EnvyLeader House - Mykonos - rooftop terrace.Large estate south of Mykonos City. In a bowl on a table near a bath that looks out to the ocean.Crit damage while low health +30%
Made in AbyssTemple of Aphrodite - small outhouse to the right.Island south of Skandeia Bay. Go to Ogylos Cave and swim through until you find a skeleton on a stone platform.Crit damage while low health +40%
ShowboatRuins of Helike ruined temple. Next to a table.Patrai - a theatre with a boat on the stage. Climb its bow.Crit damage while low health +50%
Hound DockedMegaris - Occupied Forest of Tripodiskos -roof of farm to the west.Megaris - Occupied Forest of Tripodiskos. Beach to the west, look for bones on a beached ship in a cross.Crit chance while full health +2%
Rightful KingPaidiskoi Camp - Chasms of Taygetos - next to a tent.Highest point of Mount Taygetos - a sword is buried in the rock. It's towards the south of the mountain as you look at it with the map.Crit chance while full health +4%
Stadium LoveLeader House - Thebes - highest balcony.Lake east of Thebes. Helmet is on the beach next to it.Crit chance while full health +6%
To the Edge of the WorldHunted Forest of Artemis - Anavatos Ruin. West of the area behind a chair.Affluence Bay - look for a cave halfway down the cliff face on the most eastern point.Crit chance while full health +8%
Odor in CourtAriabignes Shipwreck - between Isle of Salamis and Port of Piraeus.Port of Piraeus - Attika. Chamber in a small market that has a bowl of fish in the back of the room. South of the dock.Crit chance while full health +10%
A Deal for FreedomEuboea - Oreos Quarry - high platformBull of Oreos - east of the Oreos Quarry. Interact next to the table.Crit chance while low health +2%
Blue Eyed BeautySeriphos - Cradle of Myths - Aetio's housePolydektes Lagoon during daytime. Look for a stone archway leading to the sea. Look for the pot buried in the sand underwater nearby.Crit chance while low health +4%
Two of ClubsBronze Club of Periphetes - south-eastern part of Hera's Watch. On the floor by a fire and buck cadaver.Club of Herakles - Valley of Dreams. Look for a gnarled tree in the middle of the camp.Crit chance while low health +6%
Farming CoinDeserted Farm in the Golden Fields. On the roof.North west of the Stymphalos Metal Bird. In a pile of cabbages on the roof of the ruins.Crit chance while low health +8%
Tastes like ChickenTerror Cave Gorge - captive cage.Temple of Zeus in Messene. Outhouse right of the temple that has chickens. Look at the feed.Crit chance while low health +10%
A Finger TipDespina Fort - behind a statue with a snake around it.East of Cave of Kratos - small flat land on the hills. In a small camp nearby.Heavy weapon damage +2%
Goat's GriffCamp Dekelia - stone building. On floor near pillars.Cave of Pan - Marathon Beach. Goat statue with blood on its face.Heavy weapon damage +4%
The Floor is LavaEpidauros Akropolis - Argolis. Eastern side of compound.Foundry of Hephaistos - climb into the volcano. Statue half-submerged in lava in the forge.Heavy weapon damage +6%
Upon Typhon's CrownLeader House - Melos - balcony of residence.Typhon's Revenge - near Melos. Climb to the peak of the mountain to find a helmet.Heavy weapon damage +8%
PigstyKreusis Military Camp - blue tent.Kreusiss Port - follow road east. Altar off-road near the border of mount Helikon.Heavy weapon damage +10%
Record SunshineValley of King Lelex - leader house. Southern-most tower.Shoreline Bandit Camp - Mount Geraneia region. Dive into the lagoon and look for a sunkern bookshelf.Spears and Staffs damage +2%
Killer ViewMt. Pentelikos Marble Quarry - southern end near NPCs using hammers.South of the Temple of Hephaistos - two white pillars on a hill.Spears and Staffs damage +4%
Stubborn MuleCave of Mt. Zas. At the foot of a statue in the second room.Right-most island south of Mount Zas. One has a donkey and a pile of hay.Spears and Staffs damage +6%
Hobby HorsingValley of Artemis - under a wooden canopy in the Lost Horse of OdysseusNext to the racecourse in the Forest of Soron. Go to Arrachion camp and look for toy horses.Spears and Staffs damage +8%
Belly FlopSanctuary of Poseidon - Kyllene FoothillsCliffs near Pellene and the beach to the north of the region. There is a body near the water at the bottom of a rocky pit.Spears and Staffs damage +10%
Fatal AttractionOdysseus's Palace - Ithaka - near a skeleton at highest point of the palace grounds.Goat farm in Ithaka. Look for a slaughtered goat near the first hut. Swords and Daggers damage +2%
Rock and RollMegaris - Isthmus of Poseidon - on the pier of the Diolkos West Ramp camp.Cave of Sisyphos - examine table with a body.Swords and Daggers damage +4%
Needle in a HaystackSunken Wreck of Datis - southwestern shore of Delos.Eastern shore of Kynthos Hills - Farm of Elais. Huge haystack.Swords and Daggers damage +6%
Strange DiseaseTemple of Apollo - north of Forest of Soron.Cave of Ioneds - near Psophis border. On a table near water in the cave.Swords and Daggers damage +8%
Foggy MemoryPalace of Aphareus fort - northern ledge.Lake in Messene, a small box next to a willow tree opposite the village.Swords and Daggers damage +10%
Red ScentLokris Leader house - table on dock rear of the house.Red Lake Bay - dive into the pool towards the northern part of the lake.Overpower ability damage +4%
Beneath Theseus's DreamsPirate Hideout - south coast of Plains of Achillles on Skyros. On a hide platform west of the hideout.Boulder bay - dive down to find a broken boat at the bottom.Overpower ability damage +8%
'Til Death Do Us PartTemple of Poseidon - Octopus Bay. Square pool to the left.Knossos Palace - tree on hillside south of the palace, near two skeletons.Overpower ability damage +12%
Centaur FieldTemple of hades - Elis - upper floor.Head to the main lake in the Plains of Flax to find a centaur. Follow the centaurs directions until you reach one with a boulder held above. Inside the cave it's facing is the engraving.Overpower ability damage +16%
Hungry for MisadventureAncient Stronghold - Sky Fall Lakes - corner of a room next to a guard.Poliochini Ruins - Sky Fall Lakes - fallen statue.Overpower ability damage +20%
Ashes to AshesMarkos's vineyard - Kephalonia - first floorKausos - Kephalonia - look for a ruined temple in the middle of the village.Adrenaline per hit +3%
Backstage PassGreater Athens - textile workshop.Theatre northeast of Textile Workshop. Head through door backstage.Adrenaline per hit +6%
Mapping OutAtlar of Dioskouri - Forest of Eurotas - on floor next to stone table.Chasms of Taygetos - Pond of Tainaros. In the water.Adrenaline per hit +9%
Sweet ToothLagos's Compound - Arkadia - next to supplies.Fields in Pan's Credle. Look for two stacks of trees. Interact with the hastily piled stack.Adrenaline per hit +12%
Procession of BonesInside the Temple of Apollo Korythos - AipeiaMakaria Checkpoint - Aipeia. There is a pit in the north outside Keadas Cave. Drop into it.Adrenaline per hit +15%
Happy HourBattlefield Cave - in Athenian camp near water. Dive in the water to find the cave opening and swim through. On some wooden decking.Pillar of Dionysos - Kitharion Foothills. Touch the table near the statue.Burn duration +1 second
Elbow GreeceSieged Plains - Attika - Altar of Love. Near a water feature.In a camp on the mountain between Oropos Heights and Parnes Mountains. South of the road and to the west of the region.Burn duration +2 seconds
War EagleIsle of Salamis - Salamis Marble Quarry. North-west corner table.Isle of Salamis - Salamis Marble Quarry. North-west corner table.Burn duration +3 seconds
Grave DiscoveryKynthos Ruins - near war supplies and a small altar.Birthplace of Apollo - Silver Islands. Lower level near bronze statue. Head through the curtains behind it and down the stairs. Drop into the hole and kill the snakes. The reward is near the snakes.Burn duration +4 seconds
Bridging the GapBandit Raid - Cursed Lands of Oedipus. Near a tent on the floor.Most eastern point of Cursed Lands of Oedipus on a plank looking out to sea.Burn duration +5 seconds
Marbled MoralPorphyrion Cave - east of Tavern Point in Mykonos. Second level of the chamber.Suenites Quarry - south of Tavern Point. In a square pit to the centre of the quarry. It's filled with bodies and a skeleton which has the reward.Intoxicated duration +1 second
Fire in the BellyTower of Askre - top floor of the tower.Temple of Athena Itonia - Mount Helikon. Look for a lamp in the middle of a ruined temple.Intoxicated duration +2 seconds
A Specific GeneralSanctuary of Athena Pronaia - Grand Mount ParnassosSanctuary of Delphi - look for the Monument of Epigones (seven generals in a circle). Overturned basket near one of the statues.Intoxicated duration +3 seconds
Pride of PlaceWailing Cavern - Lestris. Dive to the shipwrecked vessel and swim through the cave nearby.Apollo's Refuge - small lion on a beach on the eastern tail of the island.Intoxicated duration +4 seconds
Dye Dye DyeTeichos of Herakles fort - southern part under a tent.Boura - Erymanthos Peaks region. Middle set of red vats.Intoxicated duration +5 seconds
Pressed for TimeSacred Lands of Apollo - between two tents in area with mud statues.Pilgrim's Landing leader house. Go to Olive plantation and look for the bowl.Elemental resistance +2%
Helios's GreetingLeader House - Amphipolis - Roots of an EmpireUnexplored Mount Pangeon - lake to the west of the region is a stone archway. South of the shoreline.Elemental resistance +4%
Smoke SignalLeader House - Keos - ground floor.Pirate's Revenge - ruined quarter that's been burned to the ground. Between the blacksmith and the dock. Out in the open.Elemental resistance +6%
Turning TidesKraneion Plains - Sea Captain Dock. Near some large planks of wood.Korinth - large bronze statue of Poseidon. On the tip of his trident.Elemental resistance +8%
Soldier to ShoulderLeader House - Sparta - main compound.Menelaion - Helot Hills - Lakonia. Next to the altar.Elemental resistance +10%

These perks are the best of the bunch, but take a lot of work to find the location of each one. The map will always indicate when there is a clue to be found in the corresponding fort or other guarded structure, but the hard bit is solving each of the riddles. What's more, the game does a terrible job of letting you know when you're even close. Since these aren't quests or other such locations, you can't use Ikaros to highlight their whereabouts, so you need to rely on your own instincts, or the table above. Either way, collecting them all doesn't really give you anything extra, but it's a good challenge for those who have already beaten the game in its entirety.

Engraving menu in Assassin's Creed Odyssey

The best engravings in Assassin's Creed Odyssey

In order to know which are the best engravings to use for your equipment, check on the left hand side of the engraving itself to look at the diamonds. The more that are filled in, the better the engraving. Some engravings merely increase a certain type of damage, while others focus on specific enemy types. It's also worth using certain engravings to complement the weapon or armour's perks. For example, if you have a build that focuses on dealing melee (warrior) damage, assigning an engraving that increases warrior damage will help you deal more damage.

You can even get special engravings that increase the effectiveness of your abilities, such as fire damage or those associated with certain skills, as well as buff the damage dealt to certain types of enemies such as animals or soldiers. Feel free to change things around as often as you want. You should probably take a look at our Assassin's Creed Odyssey inventory guide to work out the best combinations. Of course, the best engravings are the ones that you find by solving the Ainigmata Ostraka, so do consult the tables earlier in the article for the best quality engravings.

Applying engravings

With the solving of certain quests, or reaching milestones with levelling up, you'll gain some engravings to apply to weapons. When you've got one, you can apply it to many weapons and armour, no matter the rarity, as much you want. That is of course provided you have enough of the materials required and the funds needed for the blacksmith to do it. Engravings merely augment the weapons themselves, so head over to our Assassin's Creed Odyssey combat for more on the equipment itself and how to get the best out of it.

Having decent weapons to apply your engravings onto is the key to getting the most damage. For more on what constitutes as a good weapon, head on over to our Assassin's Creed Odyssey combat guide.

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