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Forza 7 removes random 'prize crates'

So long, jerkboxes

The loot box-y unlock system of 'prize crates' has been scoured from Forza Motorsport 7, replaced with a store with a random, rotating selection of stuff. Forza 7 never sold these boxes of cosmetics and cash boosters for real money but Microsoft had planned to start once the game had been out for a while, until all the people saying "Ha ha WHAT?" made them back down. I'd heard the crates sucked even without monetisation, an intrusive and irritating system. Good, go on, get out.

"Prize crates are gone and the Race Shop is here!" the November Update notes explain. "The new Race Shop feature gives players the option to purchase Mod cards, Driver Gear, and Badges whenever they like. The Race Shop is found in a new tile on the main menu page of Forza Motorsport 7. The item lineup in the Race Shop is a mixture of Mod cards, Driver Gear, and badges, and the inventory for the Race Shop refreshes every six minutes. In the Race Shop, players can purchase items using in-game credits. These items will vary in cost based on the type of item and its rarity."

Car unlocks had been in the prize crates too at one point, but they were liberated earlier this year. Gits-b-gone. A rotating store still sounds a little irritating but I suppose some people find that sort of thing exciting. The update launched on Tuesday.

We've seen a number of high-profile games walk back irritating and exploitative loot boxes over the past year, not to mention government regulators taking increased interest, but I don't think we're around the corner just yet.

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