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Fallout 76 beta players have received extra keys to share

Bug your buddies

If you've been curious about wandering the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Fallout 76 but didn't pre-order to get beta access (as was only sensible), it's time to hit up the benevolent billionaire in your life for a favour. Bethesda have given three extra beta keys to players who are already in, letting them invite pals to join them in the multiplayer survival sandbox. Or to sell them, I suppose. The beta only has two days left and only eleven hours of play in total, plus it's a big download, but there's still enough time.

"If you have logged into the Fallout 76 B.E.T.A. or redeemed a pre-order key code on your Bethesda.net account, during or before the Thursday, November 1st B.E.T.A. session, you will have three codes that you can provide to your friends," Bethesda explained last night. "These codes are bound to the platform that you own a code already for (i.e. If you have an Xbox One code, the codes in your Transaction History are only good for Xbox One accounts)."

Fallout 76's two remaining testing times are 5-9pm ET on Saturday (that's 10pm-3am for us) and 2-9pm ET on Sunday the 4th. It's a big 47GB download, as folks who had to redownload the whole thing due to a bug well know, but folks with speedy connections might get a fair bit of play out it.

We've sent a number of survivors out into the wasteland to report back. Alyse Stanley went in search of Mothman and his statuesque arse, giving us a wee travelogue. Our Dave has produced a big ol' Fallout 76 beta guide. And our Matthew had wider thoughts, really feeling the absence of human NPCs in the wilderness. And he met CocktimusPrime. Video games, eh?

Matthew done a video to accompany his impressions too:

Fallout 76 is due to launch on November 14th. If you've been playing, what do you make of it? Me, I've no interest in a multiplayer survival sandbox with light MMORPG trappings, especially when so many survive 'em ups are more established and robust on PC, but I'm fun like that.

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