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Hitman 2 Miami Silent Assassin walkthrough: best way to kill the targets

Kickin' it

Strolling into a heavily crowded racing event and assassinating two targets without being seen sounds like an impossible task – but it’s just another day in the death-dealing office for Agent 47. Pulling off the perfect hit, though, requires some serious planning. This guide will go over each step that you should take in order to get the Silent Assassin rank on the Miami mission.

Hitman 2 Miami Silent Assassin walkthrough

If you’re looking for some advice, the following walkthrough will give you a step-by-step guide on how to get Silent Assassin on Miami. If it's your first time here, you might want to check the Hitman 2 guide hub, or alternatively the larger Mumbai guide for more general tips on this map.

Step 1: Finding the incriminating evidence

This walkthrough assumes you’re playing Miami from the original starting location with no concealed weapons and any of the game’s basic items. You should ignore the race track immediately in front of you and duck into the underpass on your left. Proceed through and out the other side where you’ll see a parking garage on your right.

Agent 47 in civilian clothes approaching an underground car park on foot.

Head inside while being mindful of the security camera above the entrance and walk straight towards the pink mascot you’ll see in the distance. Go past him for now and down the corridor where you’ll see someone attending to an injured man on the ground. Next to them is a set of car keys – pick them up and return to the mascot.

Once he’s finished his phone call, hand the keys back to the mascot. He’ll be extremely grateful and head back towards his car. As he enters the parking lot, subdue him, take his disguise and hide the body in the container in the far corner of the garage. Continue the path he was walking and you’ll spot a rundown old van. Use the keys to unlock it and collect the incriminating evidence from inside. This will get you a meeting with Sierra Knox.

Agent 47 looking at a man in a bird mascot costume, who is fretting about some lost keys.

Step 2: Confronting Sierra Knox

Head back to the area the mascot was initially standing and go up the stairs by the parking pay stations in the direction of the marina. If you follow the path around to the right, you’ll eventually spot two guards at the entrance to another underpass. As you’re in the mascot disguise they’ll let you through, so proceed onwards and emerge from the other side.

Agent 47 standing on the grass like a naughty man. Two guards are blocking the way to a van.

On your left, you’ll spot a guard standing at the entrance to a hotel garden. Let him know you’re there for the meeting with Sierra and he’ll show you to a seat inside. After a few minutes of being chewed out for your questionable outfit, Sierra will arrive and lead you through to a secluded back alley. She’ll throw some vague threats your way and then ask to see the evidence you have against the Kronstadt company. Present it to her and she’ll move over to an open elevator shaft to torch it. A swift kick in the back will send her plummeting to her death while her guards remain oblivious. One down, one to go.

Agent 47 in a mascot costume presented with the option to push Sierra Knox, who is about to drop some paper down a massive shaft.

Step 3: Poisoning Robert Knox

From there, head back the way you came into the alley and towards the large bridge over the race track. Head all the way to the top, proceed over the middle, collect the crowbar at the top of the other side and descend the nearby stairs.

Next, you’ll want to go to the boat tour shack on the water’s edge opposite the jetty and break into it using the crowbar. There are two ways in, so pick the one that has fewer people watching it – usually the one facing the water. Quickly grab the rat poison on the table inside and dash out again.

Agent 47 still in the mascot costume, walking on a dock towards a man with a bandana.

You’ll see a strangely dressed man fishing on the jetty in front of you. This is the disguise you’ll need to serve poisoned food to Robert Knox. He’ll move right to the end of the jetty at one point where you’ll be able to subdue him without being spotted – but do keep an eye out for a roaming security guard. Take the Florida Man disguise, hide the body in the nearby container and don’t forget to pick up the food stall key he dropped too.

From here, head down the marina and you’ll find a park with a small stall where the Florida Man usually serves his food. Unlock it and wait for Robert Knox to make his way to you. If you get bored, you can serve other customers that approach while you wait. When you see Knox approaching, though, add the rat poison to the food and offer him one.

Agent 47 dressed as Florida Man, serving some delicacies to Robert Knox.

Robert will scoff it down greedily but it’ll cause him to feel horrifically ill and rush to throw up into the ocean. While he’s chucking up his guts into the water, deliver another swift kick in the back to him and he’ll succumb to the Hitman phenomenon of insta-drowning. His nearby bodyguard shouldn’t even realise he’s gone for a long swim. Now, simply make your way to an exit, collecting your original suit from the parking lot if you’re so inclined, and watch the silent assassin rating roll in.

Miami is a bit of a step up but still relatively easy to secure a silent assassin rating on. For even more you can do on the level, be sure to check out the larger Mumbai. Next up, the challenge really increases, so check out our Santa Fortuna Silent Assassin guide.

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