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Hitman 2 Santa Fortuna Silent Assassin walkthrough: best way to kill all the targets

O Fortuna

Agent 47 gets given all sorts to assassinate on his murderous travels. Important figures in the public eye, elusive targets that hide from the world and now, three key members of the world’s largest drug smuggling operation. The Delgado cartel is one serious outfit, so bringing them down will require the deaths of their leader, Rico Delgado, their lead businesswoman, Andrea Martinez, and the cook, Jorge Franco. To off the trio without anyone knowing you were there, though, you best take a look at this Santa Fortuna Silent Assassin walkthrough.

Hitman 2 Santa Fortuna Silent Assassin walkthrough

Never been here before? Perhaps you should take a look at the more general Santa Fortuna walkthrough first so you’re better prepared for the challenge ahead. You can also head back to our Hitman 2 guide hub for everything else. This walkthrough assumes you’re playing Santa Fortuna from the original starting location with no concealed weapons and any of the game’s other basic items.

Step 1: Eliminate Andrea Martinez

You could quite easily assassinate your three targets in any order, but for the purposes of this guide, we’re going to begin with Andrea Martinez. From your starting position make an immediate right and follow the road out of town. As you approach two talking guards, you’ll see a gap in the trees you can follow. Head down there and you’ll reach the site of a small plane crash. Look up and you’ll spot an orange box dangling on a recess. That’s something you need for later.

Andrea Martinez, flanked by two armed guards.

So, climb the vines just to the side, watching out for the patrolling guards near the top. If you look directly at the box from up there you’ll spot a pile of fruit you can use to throw at it and knock it down. Climb all the way back down and collect the circuit board from the ground.

Proceed further into the jungle and eventually, you’ll reach an open area where a shaman is concocting some kind of potion for a tourist. When the shaman moves away to gather more ingredients, subdue him and drag him around the back of the shack where he can’t be seen. Sometimes the tourist likes to get a bit nosey, so it can be worth taking the pair out to make your life easier.

Once they’re dealt with and hidden in the nearby container, take the shaman disguise and walk back into the main town in search of Andrea Martinez. Introduce yourself and she’ll ask you to perform a ritual at a nearby construction site so the workers will get back to finishing the job. Follow her to the site, or run ahead of her if you know where you’re going.

Agent 47 in casual wear, standing next to a bulldozer on the other side of a bridge. Two armed goons are standing guard.

Once there, you’ll need to put on a bit of a show to appease the locals, though your flailing arm movements will do enough to satisfy them. Once that’s out of the way, position yourself by the controls of the giant cement mixer as Andrea surveys the site. Soon enough, she’ll plant herself directly in front of the cement mixer’s outlet, so you can flick the switch and bury her beneath the sludge in a terrible accident. Two remain.

Step 2: Assassinate Rico Delgado

Onto the head of the Delgado cartel now. Make your way back to the village from the construction site, pausing for a brief detour into the large boathouse by the water on the right to collect some rat poison. On the opposite side of the road, you’ll spot a bar with a rather nervous-looking backwards-baseball-cap-wearing patron inside.

Agent 47 is standing at the bar, while a man in street threads is also at the bar.

Assume a position at the end of the bar and wait for the tattoo artist to walk outside on his phone. When no one else is watching, slip the rat poison into his drink and wait for him to take a sip. He’ll dart off to the nearby bathroom, where you’ll want to follow him inside and knock him out. Take his stupid outfit, dump his body out of the back window and into the bin nearby.

Now, make your way to Rico’s manor, which would have been directly opposite you from your starting location, or you can follow the path up to the left from your current position. Ensure you’re not carrying any lethal items and knock on the door. You’ll be ushered inside a frisked. Pass this and a guard will lead you to the front of the house where Mrs Delgado is waiting.

Agent 47 in street threads, tattooing the neck of one of his targets.

You’ll do a bit of talking and walking as she explains why a world famous tattoo artist like yourself (shh) has been brought all the way out here. It’s a great chance to get some one-on-one time with Rico Delgado himself, at least. When Rico turns up you’ll move into his office and he’ll take a seat in the chair. After some faff from the security guard, you’ll finally be given some alone time to stab him right in the neck.

Hiding the body is its own mini-ordeal, however, as you must drag him back out of the door to his office and through another on the immediate right. Proceed further through the house past the poor soul cleaning up an almighty mess and you’ll find a container to dump him in. Just the one left now.

Before you leave, though, be sure to take a trip back downstairs and find the two guards pacing the hallway. In the middle is the security room where you’ll want to erase the footage of your lethal visit. Wait for a gap and take your chance. Now you can move on to the final target.

Step 3: Make mincemeat out of Jorge Franco

There are multiple ways to make it to the coca plantation but the safest is back out the main entrance of the manor and back towards the vines you climbed earlier to collect the circuit board. Climb those vines again and slowly move through the brush watching for any passing guards. If you follow this path all the way down you’ll see the plantation stretch out before you.

Make your way down and stick to the vegetation at all times where you’re hidden. You’ll want to move around the perimeter of the area, avoiding stepping too close to guards as you work around to a small hut in the middle. You’ll recognise it as it has a couple of workers toiling away on the inside and there are security cameras all around it.

Continuing dashing through the plants until you can reach the back of that hut where you’ll see a generator. Turn it off and a worker will be lured outside for you to subdue. Take his uniform and hide him in a container nearby. You can now hop inside the hut through the window and install the circuit board into the imposing cocaine machine inside. Hop back out the window and wait.

Hearing the good news that his machine is working again, Jorge will dismiss everyone from the room for a celebratory moment. When he’s positioned at the dangerous end of the machine, jump back inside and shove him into it. That’ll really grind his gears.

Your escape is now incredibly easy, as all you need to do is reach the helicopter just outside on the docks. There may be a guard or two patrolling nearby that can see through the disguise, but otherwise, the path is clear and the Silent Assassin rating is yours.

Excellent work! Next up is a trip to Mumbai, but don’t worry, I’ve already got you covered with a Mumbai Silent Assassin walkthrough too. You can also look more in-depth at our Santa Fortuna walkthrough if you want a slightly more creative way to kill the targets.

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